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Shouldn't Internet be FREE FOR ALL?

Dear readers,
I know the topology of Internet and the hierarchy for domains, so I don't
like to strike tech thread, just the policy, though a few tech notes
wouldn't hurt anybody, I guess...
The idea of Internet is, that it was developed from enthusiasts and
therefore, it was meant to be free of charge. Here I mean IP address as well
as domains. I'm sure there are many organizations, who'd likely to take over
such obligation without any fees. I do think the Internet should be
countinoued to be run by the group of enthusiasts rather than large
"not-commercial" organizations controlled by U.S gov. in shadow. Did anybody
just calculated how much for example .org domains are there multiplayed by
annual fee?? that's a lot of money for a non-profit organization!! As I said
before there are many *real* non-profit groups & organizations, who would do
that free of charge and wouldn't do any distinctions between U.S. and
non-U.S. Internet users. For example: why my country (Slovenia) cannot get
slovenia.gov.????!!! Because .gov is restricted to U.S. Is that kind of
democracy U.S. is talking about all the time? I'd prefer socialism, because
they don't lie to you about your equality. Or are Americans more worth than
we are here in Europe?
And please spare me with tech critics, because I do know some background.

Oh, BTW: one a very outstanding (in negative meaning): RIPE NCC. So many
money for a few IPs?? did they invent them?? or do they own the whole
backbone for resolving?? NO. they just have a few servers and receiving an
awful lot of money with the IANA approval. Has RIPE leadership in U.S. or
does he just buy-out all you folks at IANA and other?

Thank you,

best regards, Ernest
P.S: my English is bad, I admit, so please don't make fun of it.

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