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Reserved Domains


I'd like to know when and how you plan on releasing the reserved
domain names, or where I might find such information and be informed
on a continuous basis.

It is quite clear you will have trouble keeping distribution fair.
So please do not give me more information than you would give to any
other organization.  But do please give me as much information as
you would give to them.  It would be only fair and non-bias and not
seem to be politically or monitarily motivated.  I do hope you are
giving the general public a fair chance at staking their claim to
your reserved domain names once they are released.  

Please respond with any and all information you have regarding this
issue.  If the information consists of nothing, or you have been
instructed to ignore all such requests, please let me know that this
is the case in some way, shape or form, if you may.  

We atleast deserve that.

Thank you.

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