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Questions regarding 'cc' top level domain and RFC 1591

Please forgive me if this is the incorrect forum to ask a question.  From
the messages I read here, this appears to be a meeting for consensus about
IANA.  If this is the incorrect forum, would someone please politely
redirect me to a better/more appropriate resource for this question.

I had recently received a letter from Internet Services Corporation
(http://www.ccnic.cc/) regarding registration in a top level domain .cc
(compared to .com).  I was surprised to find that the top level domains have
expanded.  I found the following paragraph in RFC 1591

>   In the Domain Name System (DNS) naming of computers there is a
>   hierarchy of names.  The root of system is unnamed.  There are a set
>   of what are called "top-level domain names" (TLDs).  These are the
>   generic TLDs (EDU, COM, NET, ORG, GOV, MIL, and INT), and the two
>   letter country codes from ISO-3166.  It is extremely unlikely that
>   any other TLDs will be created.

I did not see a listing for .CC in a top level domain.  Although, I could be
looking at a RFC that is too old and this has been updated in a future RFC.
I have two questions that I am trying to find an answer to:

1) Is the letter I received valid (i.e., can I find documentation for the
new domains)
2) Are there other top level domains that have been added other than (.CC).
I may want to choose another and work with whatever company is now
distributing/organizing those if it is not Network Solutions.

Any help, comments, suggestions, or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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