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Are you thinking of starting an internet business?

Are you in need of a Merchant Bank Processing?

Increase your sales by an average of 30%!
75% to 300% for online transactions!!
We specialize in Secure Online transactions!

Don't lose valuable sales by not providing Credit Card acceptance!

.EZ CREDIT Approval
.Low Transaction Fees
.Minimum Start-Up Costs
.On-Line real Time Processing
.Equipment Lease-Option Plans
.Swipe Rates As Low As 1.71% (+20 cents/transaction)
.Keyed Rates As Low As 2.50% (+25 cents/transaction)
.Deposits Direct To Your Existing Bank Account

Call Today For Your FREE consultation!
Toll Free (888) 869-5520 and ask for extension CCS for your free setup!

Cedit Card Services
Since 1992!

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