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Comments from Bayern Connect GmbH

  • To: <3gtld-guide@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Comments from Bayern Connect GmbH
  • From: Caspar von Veltheim <caspar.veltheim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 00:21:32 +0100

Dear Members of ICANN,

Thank you for giving Bayern Connect  the possibilty to comment. We are
applying for .bayern TLD to give Bavaria ist rightful place in the internet.

After Seoul we were disappointed to see that things seem to slow down in
terms of the new gTLD process. Many studies have shown that there is a
strong demand in geo TLDs. Especially a state like Bavaria (Bayern Connect,
with its rich and proud culture, will benefit from such a possibilty. That
is why we have have strong support from the area and we are very
disappointed about ICANNs plan to do more economic studies ­ on what
exactly? Of course there are powers that are not happy with the whole idea
of new gTLDs but they have been heard for a long time now ­ there have been
studies, comments etc. The problems are known and have been known. It is
time to start the process instead of trying to find new problems. For
Bavaria, its own Top Level Domain will bring pride, identity, business
opportunities etc. ­ the people of Bavaria want their own place within the
global internet. 

ICANN also must comment on community names that have derivatives (eg.
Bayern/Bavaria). Must applicants apply for both names? There should be a
fair reduction in the application fee if the applicant wants to apply for
the community name in different languages.

Also, we believe that the current point system makes it hard for certain
communities to account as one. We therefore ask ICANN to lower the points
needed in the current version. Although Bayern clearly represents one,
others that might not represent a city or geographical area will have it
difficult to account as one. .gay clearly represents a community.

 From a registry point of view, we support the IRT in its Electronic Rights
Clearing House idea. Through this, the registry can and will be working more
effectively. It helps us to avoid problems before they arise and helps to
respond quickly.

The question of possible Root Scaling problems, Trademark issues or demand
can be fully adressed by the introduction of the EOI. We therefore ask ICANN
to support this idea. The EOI will help both ICANN and the applicant and
should be an integrated part of the hopefully next final version of the
Applicant Guidebook already.

Thank You vey much and see you in Nairobi.


Caspar von Veltheim

 Bayern Connect GmbH

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