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ICANN has yet to do a summary/analysis of comments to the Phase I economic study

  • To: 5gtld-guide@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: ICANN has yet to do a summary/analysis of comments to the Phase I economic study
  • From: George Kirikos <gkirikos@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 11:32:47 -0800 (PST)


I would like to note that as of January 12, 2011, ICANN has yet to perform a 
summary of public comments on the Phase I economic study (comment period eneded 
July 21, 2010). The bottom of:


says "Economic Framework (Phase I Report) – to be posted"

and similarly:


has no Summary/Analysis. The staff person listed as "responsible" is Kurt 
Why has ICANN not held Kurt Pritz responsible for this poor performance? This 
a sign of the lack of accountability within ICANN. Underperformance is rewarded 
with staff bonuses, and excessive salaries.

The actual comments themselves can be seen at:


ICANN has boasted that they've spent millions of dollars on economic studies, 
some sort of "proof" that the time for studies is over. That is a fallacious 
argument. It's the results that matter, not how much money is spent. The 
have not made the case that new TLDs would be a net benefit to the public.

The public was promised that "The second phase [of the economic study] will 
begin after the closure and analysis of the public comments." However, this has 
not happened. Instead, the public comments were completely ignored.  They 
ahead with another study (Phase II), with a predetermined result due to ICANN's 
bias. The authors were never allowed to write "New TLDs should not proceed" 
despite the facts and empirical data regarding new TLDs. This shows that ICANN 
has been sloppy and indeed reckless. They have squandered the money of the 
public, mismanaging our precious resources.

ICANN would rather do things "fast." The public deserves that things be done 
*right* -- a much different and higher standard. If the costs to the public of 
new TLDs exceed the benefits, as almost everyone (save for a few ICANN 
agrees is the case, then the new TLDs plan should be dropped. This is a basic 
metric for public policymaking, yet ICANN seems to be using entirely different 
standards, standards that pervert and twist things to benefit a select few at 
the expense of the many. NTIA/DOC/DOJ and GAC should hold ICANN accountable, to 
ensure that the public interest is being held above the interests of a few 
insiders who have been gaming the process for several years.


George Kirikos
Leap of Faith Financial Services Inc.

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