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on Draft ALAC Review

  • To: alac-dfir-2008@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: on Draft ALAC Review
  • From: "Izumi AIZU" <iza@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 01:20:24 +0900

First, I like to express thanks to the Westlake Consulting team
for your hard work for this rather complicated and difficult task
within a very short time period.

I have only read the summary and will give more comments when
I read the full report, hopefully before I take off for Paris.

I appreciate the overall objective observation and conclusion that current
ALAC is its version "1.0" and has continuous role in ICANN and
is significantly different from the former "interim ALAC", especially as
I am one of few who have been member of the both status.

I aslo appreciate the advice that more consideration be given
for regional balance.

I was a little bit disappointed to note that the giving voting
right at the Board level was not accepted as an option, at least
at this stage. I understand that given current balance or divergence
of opinions around AtLarge/ALAC, it may not obtain immediate
and broad support from all corners of ICANN community, but
lacking the visible function to participate directly in decision making
of ICANN in return gives little interest and incentives to the potentially
active bodies of users on the globe.

Just my first reaction and it is just my very personal opinion, not
representing APRALO or ALAC at all.

Izumi Aizu
ALAC member from APRALO/Tokyo

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