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Re: [NA-Discuss] Draft NARALO statement on ALAC review

  • To: Wendy Seltzer <wendy@xxxxxxxxxxx>, ALAC draft review pub comments <alac-dfir-2008@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [NA-Discuss] Draft NARALO statement on ALAC review
  • From: "Jeffrey A. Williams" <jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 21:04:07 -0700

Wendy and all,

  I am very much inclined to agree with your conclusions
and observations stated below.  I have been getting allot
of feedback from our members that express similar views
and observations that have reviewed the Draft statement.

  Additionally I personally found the Draft statement not
to come even close to reflecting what has already been
discussed vis a vi the NARALO and leaves out largely
broad user participation, input, issues, and concerns that
directly effect them and that they are aware of or have
already been effected by with no real recourse to address
such issues.  It appears to me that the ALAC seems to be
largely ignoring those concerns and issues and at times
even chastising those that bring them to the attention of
either ICANN, the GNSO, or the ALAC.  Such does not
lend itself to properly or even at all, addressing such issues
and concerns which ICANN can have either an effect on or
directly address.

Wendy Seltzer wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> I would be inclined to cut the attack on the reviewers' selection and
> focus on substantive disagreements and their failure to include all the
> options presented to them.
> I know I recommended reverting to general at-large elections for board
> members, scrapping the intermediary of the ALS-RALO-ALAC structure, and
> I'm disturbed that they didn't even mention that among the alternatives.
> I would really have liked to see a thoughtful comparison to justify the
> heavyweight structures that require intensive participation, over
> lightweight voting and delegation to empowered representatives, but see
> none.
> My chief concern with the ALAC has always been that it provides no
> reason fo rhte ordinary Internet user to get involved, despite the range
> of places where ICANN's mandate affects the Internet user.  I don't
> think users should have to be intensively involved in issues of
> peripheral importance, but that shouldn't deprive them of a way to voice
> hteir opinions.  Votes have always seemed to me like the natural way to
> bridge collective action problems, to express shallow but widely shared
> opinion.  I understand that's not what ICANN chose, but it still seems
> flawed to ignore that baseline.
> - --Wendy
> Evan Leibovitch wrote:
> > NOTE: This is a draft, produced as a result of interest expressed in my
> > earlier query of this list. Even though it says "reached by consensus",
> > that of course will not be the case if we do not reach consensus.
> >
> > Please -- SOON -- offer changes of any kind as well as any other
> > comments. If at least rough consensus is possible, I would like to have
> > a final version ready for presentation by Saturday night.
> >
> > If it sounds to strong, or not strong enough, or you just don't like the
> > tone, etc. please suggest changes.
> >
> > - Evan
> >
> >
> > ---------------------------------------------------------
> >
> >
> > NARALO, by consensus agreement, urges ALAC to take every measure
> > possible to encourage rejection of the report of the 2008 ALAC review by
> > the ICANN board and other members of the ICANN community.
> >
> > The ALAC Review process has been flawed from the initial choice of
> > review consultants, which we believe may have adversely affected the
> > independence of the review itself. Such suspicions appear to be
> > warranted by the complete lack of consideration of the needs of At-Large
> > in the reviewers' draft recommendations. While the report indicates we
> > were heard, we were clearly not listened to.
> >
> > The logic behind the recommendation to deny At-Large voting membership
> > on the ICANN Board is puzzling; even in its best possible interpretation
> > the rationale emphasizes rigidity over good and responsible governance.
> >
> > Not only do the ALAC review recommendations fail to progress the needs
> > of ICANN's At-Large community, they take a significant step backwards by
> > requesting that an even larger proportion of ALAC than currently exists
> > be composed of unaccountable, non-representative appointees of the
> > Nominating Committee. The result is a real and visible reduction of the
> > voice of the community for whom ALAC is supposed to speak.
> >
> > Indeed, most of the report's recommendations appear designed to deny the
> > vision ICANN originally had for At-Large, to reduce the influence of
> > At-Large within ICANN, to reduce transparency, and to obstruct community
> > outreach. The review fails totally to address the fact that ICANN's
> > relationship with At-Large is bi-directional.
> >
> > What is at issue is not only what the community must offer to ICANN, but
> > also what ICANN _owes_ to the community of Internet users who have
> > neither financial nor academic interest in Internet operation.
> >
> > For these reasons, we call upon ALAC and other members of the ICANN
> > community to challenge the recommendations of the current ALAC review,
> > as well as the very frames of reference upon which they were
> > constructed. We believe that such actions are required for the
> > betterment of ICANN's public constituency.
> >
> > This statement was reached by consensus of NARALO members on June 20,
> > 2008 after efforts to solicit opinion from its organizational and
> > individual members.
> >
> >
> >
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