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Summary of Public Comments - Independent Review of the ALAC - Final Report

  • To: "alac-final-2008@xxxxxxxxx" <alac-final-2008@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Summary of Public Comments - Independent Review of the ALAC - Final Report
  • From: Marc Salvatierra <marc.salvatierra@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2008 05:04:26 -0800

An online public comment forum was opened for comments on the issues raised in 
the Westlake report. Comments were received from ISOC-AU, Danny Younger, Sylvia 
Caras, ISPCP, Alan Levin, Olivier MJ Crepin-Lebland, Alan Greenberg, ALAC.

Topics covered in the forum included:

 *   Ongoing purpose of ALAC
    *   Some support for the ongoing purpose
    *   Suggestion that ALAC needs more time
    *   One suggestion that ALAC has no continuing purpose and does not 
represent the views of users
 *   Regional issues
    *   Representation should be proportional to number of users
    *   Suggestion that two additional non-voting Asia Pacific representatives 
could be appointed
 *   At Large structure
    *   Support for current structure
    *   RALOs need more time (and one clear suggestion that they should be shut 
down if not working)
    *   Need to clarify the ways that end users can participate
    *   Need outreach to grow ALS numbers
 *   Resourcing
    *   Support for extra resourcing based on clear plan
    *   Staff not always the answer; resources could be deployed in other ways
    *   Centralised staff needed for coordination of activity
    *   ALAC should have control over staff
    *   Regional budgets are needed
 *   Relationship with other ICANN entities
    *   Need to clarify roles
    *   Perceived overlaps are not an issue
    *   At Large voice is relevant beyond GNSO issues
 *   Voting seat
    *   Support for a voting seat for accountability to end users
    *   Support for maintaining liaison
 *   Planning
    *   Support for better ALAC planning, linked to ICANN planning
    *   Support for planning, but should maintain independence
    *   Planning necessary for improvement
    *   Should be "light" so that process does not become the focus
 *   Tools
    *   Support for use of better tools
    *   Need to remember accessibility issues
 *   Consultation periods
    *   45 days is too long
 *   Translation
    *   Support for continuing and better translation, but need to be mindful 
of costs
 *   Westlake report
    *   Some opinions left out
    *   Not historical

[summary prepared by Patrick Sharry; submitted by ICANN Staff]

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