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[alac] Action points and leftover agenda items

  • To: ALAC <alac@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [alac] Action points and leftover agenda items
  • From: Vittorio Bertola <vb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 16:48:43 +0100


I am posting the summary of action points agreed in Vancouver, and some
discussion on the leftover agenda items. Please take your time to go
through this message, thanks.

= Summary of action points agreed in Vancouver

Please take note!

VITTORIO will call votes on 3 pending applications from Africa + 3
applications from NA being reconsidered.

IZUMI/WENDY will present a written statement of their positions on
self-review; then we will see whether we can merge them in the document,
or else what to do.

ANNETTE will draft a rough proposal in terms of internal + external
policy development process (how to prepare statements also involving
ALSes and how to ensure we get a reply by the Board).

MEMBERS FROM EACH REGION will ensure they have at least one reasonable
candidate to serve as NomCom delegate, and that his/her statement of
interest has already been received. I will be asking you to suggest
appointments before Christmas, perhaps even sooner!

DENISE will prepare a draft document stating our minimum participation

DENISE will request a travel policy document to ICANN and forward it to
the list.

VITTORIO will post a new draft of the IDN document. (Done!)

JOHN + WENDY will prepare a proposal for Terms of Reference and plan of
action for a study/survey on Whois privacy issues.

EVERYONE - We need to appoint a representative in the new gTLD process
PDP, by December 16. Candidates?

= Leftover agenda items

3e. Mission / Vision statements

We did not have time to discuss this. We started to do this in
Luxembourg and tasked Bret with coordination, but I am not sure whether
we went anywhere. Where are we, and would it be useful to finalize these

3h. Review of internal positions for 2006

I am not sure whether you had time to further discuss this. As some
consensus seemed to be forming about the idea of eliminating the
vice-Chairs and creating a Designated Chair, I would be happy to serve
until Wellington if we appoint one now, so that we can have a few months
of transition and then make the switch. In this case, I would call for
nominations/candidacies and, if necessary, hold an online (private) vote
before the end of the year.

I am not sure whether we would then be expected to nominate a second
Designated Chair to couple with the person becoming Chair after
Wellington... We might want to schedule this for Marrakesh - at the same
time, I am not sure about how reconfirmations work with this system.
Would the Chair be expected to change each and every year? Would the
Designated Chair stay there indefinitely until the present Chair decides
to step down or is recused by the Committee?

I would also like to ask to our liaisons (Board: Roberto; GNSO: Bret;
ccNSO: Erick) whether they would like to continue for 2006. Also, if
anyone else has other nominations/candidacies for these positions,
please speak now.

3i. ALAC budget

We did not get confirmation of where we stand with the un-freezing of
our budget item. I would ask Denise or Roberto whether they have any

3j. Exchange of liaisons with the NCUC

In the meeting with the NCUC, the proposal to exchange online liaisons -
subscribing one of them to alac@xxxxxxxxx and one of us to their list -
was considered sensible. Are there any opinions, objections, suggestions
by those who did not attend that meeting?

3k. New website

I would just say: let's release it as soon as we can. I would happily
give the online floor to Jean about this item, if she has anything to

4c. Statement on WSIS follow-up

I've got feedback only from Izumi. I would still like to release this
formally, even after having made the point verbally in the Public Forum.
I am soliciting more comments, I will then post a revised version.

4d. Statement on transparency from Luxembourg

We did not get any feedback to it. I made the point during the Public
Forum, however I am not sure whether we want to let this specific issue
fade away, or insist, and then how. Certainly, the organization,
accessibility and transparency of ICANN meetings hasn't been making
progress in Vancouver - still no translations, still unmanageable sudden
program changes, still lack of information. Shall we insist?

6a. Meetings review

Feel free to post any comment on our Vancouver experience.

My one is that we've been asking ICANN to reserve a room for us for the
entire week for years now, and it never happens.

6b. Plans for Wellington

Suggestions? Shall we confirm our format?

vb.             [Vittorio Bertola - v.bertola [a] bertola.eu.org]<-----
http://bertola.eu.org/  <- Prima o poi...

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