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[alac] [Fwd: Schedule EU-RALO Prep Meeting May 28]

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  • Subject: [alac] [Fwd: Schedule EU-RALO Prep Meeting May 28]
  • From: Annette Muehlberg <annette.muehlberg@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 14:00:49 +0200




Sunday May 28th

Five hour plan to start the pioneer work of building up a European Regional At-Large Organisation to strengthen Civil Rights and Consumer Protection in ICANN's policies!

12.00 Getting to know each other a bit: Round of introductions

12.25 Introductory statement by the ALAC Chair

12.40 Discussion, focuses of ALAC work, issues european ALSes prefer to work on

13.05 Overview on how Civil Society globally works on Internet Governance issues and what it possibly means to the work of a RALO (Jeanette Hofmann, former co-chair of the Internet Governance Caucus and member of the newly formed IGF Advisory Group)

13.15 Discussion

13.30 - 14.15 Lunch

14.15 Drafting a Roadmap for EURALO

14.30 Defining key issues of EURALO bylaws

15.45 Coffee

16.00 workplan 2006: procedure of finalizing bylaws, preperation of meetings and inauguration of EURALO, press and outreach work, planning an EURALO workshop, distribution of work and responsibilities

17.00 Fin

Remember: Meeting location will be the Intercity Hotel, Poststr. 8, at the Frankfurt Main Station


Here some links for preperation:

http://icannalac.org/ (new ALAC website)

http://icannalac.org/content/section/7/37/ (At-Large in your Region - what we have to work on ;-) )



http://alac.icann.org/ (old ALAC website)



Looking forward to seeing you in Frankfurt

Annette Muehlberg

ALAC Chair

Attached, last mail including draft of EURALO Roadmap:

Annette Muehlberg wrote:

Hi all,

I am very happy that we made a big step forward:
I herewith invite you to our first european meeting of At-Large Structures and those interested to build an EURALO!

Annette Muehlberg
ALAC Chair


Help to strengthen Civil Rights and Consumer Protection in ICANN's policies!

As part of the ALAC RALO Roadmap 2006 (see below), I invite you to participate in a European Preparatory Meeting, the 28th of May in Frankfurt, for the building of a "European Regional At Large Organisation" (EU-RALO). We want to start to build an efficient structure to give individual internet user's interests a voice in ICANN and let user's interests be guiding ICANN's policies.

This meeting gives us the chance to get to know each other a little bit - live and real in the offline world ;-) . And we will get an overview on the key ICANN issues at stake which will have an effect on individual internet users.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss:

a. working structures on the regional level in interaction with the global level
b. the design of an EU-RALO (draft bylaws with aims and principles, structure, membership, working bodies, financing etc.)
c. defining key issues as related to ICANN policies for further activities as:
- data protection, privacy
- consumer choice and consumer protection
- freedom of opinion and expression
- preventing monopolies, ensuring competition

d. a work plan for 2006 (outreach activities, preparation of the official launch etc.)

The ideas, questions and proposals of this Preparatory Meeting will be given account on the global RALO workshop in June in Marrakech and reflected by all At-Large Advisory Committee members from the different regions of the world. Report of the Marrakech workshop will be given to all ALSes.

The overall objective is to finalize the preparatory work for the launch of the EU-RALO until October 28, 2006 so that the official inauguration could e.g. take place in connection with the 1st Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Athens (still subject to approval and funding, since ICANN's next budget is not yet finalized).

Next steps (could) include, inter alia

* a RALO workshop during the next ICANN meeting in Marrakesh (June 2006)
* a final planning meeting in Berlin at the international Internet Conference WOS (Sep. 17th, 2006)
The first meeting will take place on Sunday, May, 28, 2006 in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) close to the central main station (place will be clarified soon) from 12.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Please let me know if you plan to attend, so that we can prepare the meeting accordingly. A set of documents, including all technical information with regard to the meeting, will be distributed around mid May 2006.

For representatives of A-Large user group who need financial assistence to attend this meeting, travel costs will be paid for by ICANN as long as you choose the cheapest way (either train or flight, which might be cheaper in combination with a one night stay from saturday to sunday).

Please complete the attached "ICANN Travel Approval Request Form" and email it to <michel [@] icann.org> as soon as possible. Once approved, ICANN will reimburse for coach fare travel and hotel for this At-Large European Prepatory meeting.

Best regards

Annette Muehlberg
ALAC Chair


FYI. I drafted a RALO Roadmap 2006 which all european ALAC members in principle agreed on (one location is not clarified yet).

I received a proposal for a Latin American RALO Workshop/Launch (November 2006) which will be included as soon as there is a proposal for procedure.

(All proposed activities after June 30, 2006 funded by ICANN are still subject to approval and funding, since ICANN's next budget is not finalized.)


RALO Roadmap 2006

After years of discussion, ALAC wants to move forward now and start with the
actual building of RALOs. Even if we are not yet satisfied with the number
of accredited ALSs, we think that we have a minimum of critical mass so that
we are in a position to move to a concrete planning phase, at least for the
Asian Pacific Region and the European Region.

After discussion with the members of the ALAC, I would like to launch
something like an "ICANN RALO Roadmap 2006". The aim is to have two concrete
proposals for/respectively actually built RALOs until the end of the year
(ICANNs Sao Paulo Meeting) and two drafts for a MoU for the two above
mentioned RALOs for consideration by the ICANN Board.

Key milestones of the Roadmap are:

* European Preparatory Meeting (end of May 2006 in Frankfurt)

* RALO Workshop during the ICANN meeting in Marrakesh (June 2006)

* Asian Pacific RALO Workshop/Launch (N.N.)

* European RALO Workshop (September 2006)

* European RALO Launch (during the IGF in Athens, October 2006)

* proposal for MoU (December 2006)

All these activities need some facilitation, which we would like ICANN to support. Support includes that main costs have to be covered by ICANN (including meeting venue, coffee breaks, lunches, accomodation and travel for key participants, Telephone conferences /next week already for Asia?)

The European Preparatory Meeting is planned now for May, 28, 2006 in
Frankfurt (probably up to 20 people representing ALSes in Europe).
Arrival either in combination with a cheap flight (special fare
saturday/sunday with one night stay) or by train. Begin: 12 am, end 5 pm.
Location near the main train station. I will organize a room for 20 persons.

The RALO Workshop during the ICANN Meeting Marrakech 25th - 30th of June
needs some more detailed discussion. Question is how many ALS will be

The European RALO Workshop to prepare the establishment of EURALO (planned
for Athens) is now scheduled for Sunday, September, 17, in Berlin, linked to
an international Internet conference (Wizards of OS 4, Information Freedom
Rules). Many members of European ALSes will attend this conference which
already ends on saturday to give people like us time to come together and
have a meeting on sunday. Good chance to address other European and
international folks to get involved in ICANN work in the interest of
individual internet users. The meeting would be again one day: (Begin 12 am,
end 5 pm. Location at conference center, reservation already made (needs to
be confirmed within 10 days). Arrival either to the conference (without
paying for night stay) or right on sunday morning, departure sunday evening.
20 to 30 people.

The EU-RALO founding meeting in Athens at the IGF could be October, 29th or
30th. At the Internet Governance Forum we will have a big chance for
outreach and getting those people involved who are already working on
Internet Governance and Internet consumer right issues. Press work is
relatively easy as Media will be there already. Connecting RALO meetings
with other internet consumer right events increases the chance not to
develop too many parallel activities and get people involved in ICANN.
Travel expenses will have to include flight and at least one night stay.
About 25 people, price has to be estimated. Date, time and room have to be

Before I move forward with details (including budgets) I want to get a green
light for the principle approach. The budget for the fiscal year
2006-2007 still needs to be planned by the budget committee and approved by
the ALAC.

Kind regards,

Annette Mühlberg
ALAC Chair

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