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From Miss Carole Purev,

  • To: pure@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: From Miss Carole Purev,
  • From: <pure@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 05:03:50 -0500


My name is Carole Purev; I am 26 years old, from Lyon France, where I
school and work as a fashion designer for part time job during after my

My late father was a French business man based in West Africa; I am the
only daughter of my parents my both parents (Father ">Before the death of
my parents, they had willed part of our Real Estate and the total amount of
8,700,000.00 (Eight Million Seven Hundred Euros) to me. Now at their death,
and because things has become very hard for me paying my school fees and
taking care of my other needs which the tailoring job I do as a part-time
after my school couldn't help me, so, I relocated to Cote d'Ivoire West
Africa, where my late father deposited this money 8.7million Euro, I
located the Bank where this money was deposited.  

I was shocked when the Bank Manager explained to me that I will not be
able to with-draw from the deposited money, because my father had put a
clause on the Will, which he used in depositing
the funds with them, saying
that before I will be given access to the money, I will either have to be
30 years old or I will be given access to the money, if I appoint a
guardian, in which case, my guardian will be legible to collect the money
on my behalf by standing in  

as my late fathers next of kin and my legal guardian to claim the
deposited funds on my behalf. 

Today I am only 26years old. And I have no access to the money till I'm 30
years. So, I'm contacting you to stand as my guardian to claim this fund on
my behalf and help me to invest this fund wisely in your country. So, I
hope that we shall discuss how you want remunerated when you get back to

For my part, I shall be more than willing to part with 15% of the total
sum to you, while 5% will be mapped out for any expenses that we're to use
to receive the money from the deposited Bank. 

Please remember I am writing you this email purely on the ground of trust.
While this transaction last, we must be able to put
emotions aside and face

Waiting to hear from you soon. 

Yours Truly, 

Carole Purev 


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