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Comments about Auction of new gTLD

  • To: <auction-consultation@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Comments about Auction of new gTLD
  • From: "Tom L. InkDrop Media" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2008 00:31:26 -0400

I had just reviewed "the paper" and it's ideas on auction mechanism for new
gTLDs. From a business point of view, the idea is seems very logical and
many individuals would agrees this would be the "best" way to assure correct
use of new gTLDs. 

However, by having these "auctions" you will have already singled out who
can compete in the new gTLD world.

Only the large corporations with much of the necessary funding will have
access to lobbyist to assist in acquiring these new gTLDs as mentioned in
the article, and for many that want it to have a legitimate businesses
online, and not just another masking to their current domain.

You have to understand that many people of the "Y" generation missed out on
the first dot com boom, this is another chance for them to start something.

By having auctions, you've limited possibilities.

Now I briefly understood, the low-cost, low-quality, high-cost, high-quality
examples you mentioned, but if you are able to clearly review EACH auction
with any bias thoughts (as mentioned in the article), then YES and auction
would work...But I don't trust people that well, and that is A LOT of man
power, and could EASILY be corrupted.

Thanks for you letting me share.


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