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Idea submission

  • To: auction-consultation@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Idea submission
  • From: BRICE PARENT <briceparent@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 12:21:04 +0200


I'm a particular, working as a web developper.
I'm just writting this message to give you my idea about the way of allowing accents and special characters in domain names (and tlds), but i'm not sure i'm writting this to the good address...

I think, allowing that characters is a very nice idea, but it could make everything very complicated (people would have to buy many domain names to protect a single one from false duplicates). It would be much better to allow them, but to redirect any domain name (and tld) to a single one. For example, if i buy "cafecreme.com", "cafécrême.com" would be redirected to it.
Buying "cafecreme.com" would just ask me another question, like:
Where do you wish your website to be redirected?
This way, i wouldn't have any problem with anyone buying the same adress, only adding or removing an accent, and also important, my website (and other services, like ftp, ssh or https for example) could be accessed from anywhere, even if they don't have the special characters on their keyboards.
This could be done having a translation table like:
[any similar characters] -> [single character]
aâäàAÂÄ -> a
It may also be done by the web browser, if it was included in specs, or done by the registries, using a 301 redirection header , or any other number (maybe a new one, telling this is the correct website, but using an incorrect syntax).

Of course it's not helping languages using non-latin characters, but it could be a beginning of the opening of urls.

Thanks for having read me.


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