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[bc-gnso] Nominating Committee information

  • To: "BC gnso" <bc-gnso@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [bc-gnso] Nominating Committee information
  • From: "BC Secretariat" <secretariat@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 09:52:03 +0200

Dear Members

Regarding the nomination period and election for two BC Nominating Committee 
representatives, below is some background information.
Best wishes

I have copied various relevant parts from the ICANN website but the entire 
documents can be found here:




I recommend that all candidates read these pages as the information below is 
only a short summary.

1. Criteria
Article VII, Section 4 of the Bylaws states that Delegates to the ICANN 
Nominating Committee shall be:
1. Accomplished persons of integrity, objectivity, and intelligence, with 
reputations for sound judgment and open minds, and with experience and 
competence with collegial large group decision-making;

2. Persons with wide contacts, broad experience in the Internet community, 
and a commitment to the success of ICANN;

3. Persons whom the selecting body is confident will consult widely and 
accept input in carrying out their responsibilities;

4. Persons who are neutral and objective, without any fixed personal 
commitments to particular individuals, organizations, or commercial 
objectives in carrying out their Nominating Committee responsibilities;

5. Persons with an understanding of ICANN's mission and the potential impact 
of ICANN's activities on the broader Internet community who are willing to 
serve as volunteers, without compensation other than the reimbursement of 
certain expenses; and

6. Persons who are able to work and communicate in written and spoken 

2. Expectations
Nom Com members are expected to:
  a.. engage in affirmative outreach and recruitment of excellent candidates
  b.. read the submitted and gathered information about each candidate under 
  c.. participate in Nom Com teleconferences
  d.. work diligently with Nom Com colleagues toward an overall consensus on 
the best possible group of candidates to be selected
  e.. adhere to the Code of Ethics
  f.. attend a face-to-face meeting. The nominating committee typically 
holds two meetings, one soon after the committee is formed, and usually held 
concurrent with an ICANN meeting, and meeting later in the year when the 
committee makes its selections.
Given the recruitment nature of Nom Com's work, it will be particularly 
helpful if members have extensive personal networks of contacts from 
outside, and within ICANN, that will support effective recruiting. 
Furthermore it will be valuable for such delegates to also be prepared to 
develop cross-constituency understanding to build consensus.

3. Ineligibility
1. No person who serves on the Nominating Committee in any capacity shall be 
eligible for selection by any means to any position on the Board or any 
other ICANN body having one or more membership positions that the Nominating 
Committee is responsible for filling, until the conclusion of an ICANN 
annual meeting that coincides with, or is after, the conclusion of that 
person's service on the Nominating Committee.

[Gary: simply put, this means that while anyone is serving on the Committee, 
they will not be able to stand for a position on any of the ICANN bodies to 
which the Committee appoints. This includes the ICANN board and the GNSO 

2. No person who is an employee of or paid consultant to ICANN (including 
the Ombudsman) shall simultaneously serve in any of the Nominating Committee 
positions described in Section 2 of this Article.

4. Attendance

Typically the Committee holds two face-to-face meetings, typically in 
conjunction with an ICANN meeting, and a selection meeting later in the 
year. There are occasional telephone conferences.

Travel and accommodation expenses have been provided to enable NomCom 
members to participate in the meetings.

5. Terms of Office

Nominating Committee representatives are appointed for one year with a 
maximum term of two consecutive years. 

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