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Conflict of Interest - NOMCOMM

  • To: <board-coi-review-report@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Conflict of Interest - NOMCOMM
  • From: "Vanda UOL" <vanda@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2012 14:48:41 -0300

Regarding slide 9 of the Review Team document  “Previous Board experience of
organizations of similar size, scope and purpose has not been a selection
criterion for the NomCom and we recommend its inclusion as well as more
active outreach to potential candidates also using recruitment firms”.


It is relevant to have the following  information:  

a)    Due the demand from ATRT, from last October, at Dakar meeting, the
2012 NOMCOMM interviewed  F2F ACs and SOs + the Board, and repeated the
process in Costa Rica,  to collect recommendations for Board Candidate
selection.  Hence,  there is a NOMCOM specific document “Recommendations for
the NOMCOMM to select Board Candidate’, posted at NOMCOMM wiki, to be used
as a guideline for NOMCOM 2012 members,  that details all the
recommendations received from each ACs + SOs + Board itself.

In specific, here some recommendations stating  similar demand as in slide
9, for instance:: 

“Chosen Candidate to become a Director should have board governance or
equivalent experience with a medium-sized organization that has an
established board whose directors are independent and are appointed without
participation of the CEO”


“ Chosen Candidate to become a Director should have board governance or
equivalent experience with non-profit organizations” etc…

Then, there is a clear criterion for select board candidates to be followed
by 2012 NomCom members.  


b)     Regarding the use of recruitment firm, this alternative was
experimented during 2011 NomComm committee, chosen the recruitment firm used
to work with ICANN regarding board candidate interviews,  with enough
knowledge of our demands; Unhappily, the results were negligible, just one
person selected while outreach from community brought 89 candidates.  So,
the outreach  effort from the community as a whole, pushed by NomComm
members are far more effective than the recruitment firms. This does not
prevent future NomComm  to try it again, but  relevant to know the
experience existed and was not a successful one. 

 Thank you for your attention to the above points. 

Vanda Scartezini

Nominating Committee  

2012 Chair 

Tel + 5511 3266.6253

Mob + 55118181.1464


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