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Sébastien Bachollet comments - currently under discussion within At-Large / ALAC

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  • Subject: Sébastien Bachollet comments - currently under discussion within At-Large / ALAC
  • From: Sébastien Bachollet <sebastien.bachollet@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 10:58:52 +0100

Sébastien Bachollet comments - currently under discussion within At-Large /




The following comments, included in this document were composed by Sebastien
Bachollet, Chair of the At-Large working group on the Future Structure and
Governance of ICANN, are currently proposed to At-Large / ALAC to become the
base for official comments.

It is publish to stay on the calendar of the comments period.



It is being made available for comments from the At-Large working group on
the Future Structure and Governance of ICANN and then to the Community,
after which a final text will be produced and voted on by the ALAC.


[End of Introduction]



Comments are in green in this document.



Response to recommendations from the independent reviewer

Recommendation #1: Reduce the size of the board:


I (and hopefully At-Large / ALAC) fully support ?the specific nature and
unique governance model of ICANN?. The representativeness of the board is
very important but it is strange that it is for related issues like
geographic, cultural and stakeholder diversity and not for the entity that
elected them.

The role of the NomCom to provide balance and diversity is essential because
in the other bodies selecting board members there is no possibilities to
have any balance.

For example with the 2 GNSO board directors who will come from each house or
At-Large / ALAC with just one board member we are not able even to have a
gender balance. CcNSO council and ALAC are good examples for real geographic
balance but still a lot to do for other type of balance even with the help
of the NomCom.

Historically 9 at-Large directors were suppose to be elected by At-Large (5
were elected by a worldwide election in 2000). In the ICANN 2.0 organization
2 bodies were in charge of representing At-Large.

The NomCom to select 8 board members and At-Large / ALAC to elect one
Liaison and to organize the voice of the Worldwide End Users into the ICANN

Now with the election by At-Large / ALAC of one board member, ICANN is back
to this number of 9 board seats.


In fact NomCom represent the voice of all the constituencies of ICANN ? it
is an ?inside? At-Large and At-Large / ALAC represent the voice of all the
End Users ? it is an ?outside? At-Large.

Therefore in the future ICANN may decide to decrease the number of board
members selected by ?inside? to increase the number of board members
selected by ?outside?.

We thing that right now 2 seats elected by At-Large / ALAC will allow us to
have a gender balance and 2 regions represented. And we will be more
confidante that the voice of the End-Users will participate better to the
Board of ICANN work.


We are still questioning on how the advisory role to the board of ALAC will
be continued.


At-Large / ALAC is working on the election (selection?) process for one
board director but we would like to clarify when she/he will be seated?

Do we need to have a director seated by the 2010 ?mid-year meeting? or by
the ?2010 AGM??


?The WG expects that the selection process will be designed, approved and
implemented in time for the new Director to be seated at the latest at the
2010 AGM.?

?On balance of these views, the WG recommends to maintain the current
arrangements, but to seat all the incoming Directors at an ICANN meeting
(i.e., the mid-year meeting for SO and At-Large appointees, and the Annual
General Meeting for NomCom nominees), in order to facilitate their


Recommendation #4: Broaden the skills of the board:


I (and hopefully At-Large / ALAC) request that the community work on giving
weight (or a ranking) to the following items to allow a better mix within
the Board and the other bodies of ICANN:

·         skill

·         experience

·         independence

·         geographic

·         cultural

·         stakeholder diversity

·         gender

·         language

·         ability

·         competency


We would like to amend the recommendation 4(g) by

(g) Occasionally invite prominent company [and not-for-profit organizations]
directors to meet the board over dinner to talk about 'the role of the


Regarding recommendation 4(d) At-Large / ALAC is already giving inputs to
the NomCom by informal exchanges between the two Chairs.




Sébastien Bachollet

Président d'honneur - Isoc France

 <mailto:sebastien.bachollet@xxxxxxx> sebastien.bachollet@xxxxxxx

 <http://www.egeni.org/> www.egeni.org

 <http://www.isoc.fr/> www.isoc.fr



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