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Save our rights!!!

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  • Subject: Save our rights!!!
  • From: Анна Дмитриева (TRADE.SU) <anna@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 17:32:39 +0300

          Dear Sirs!

We are upset Very much with that fact, that there is such
injustice in our days!

Domain SU worked regularly and gave profit to many and many
organization ion the territory of the CIS. Our company which
serves more than 320000 companies in all territory of the CIS,
directly works on this domain and we are known as Trade. SU and
in any way differently. Why we should, it is not clear for what
reason, to change our name, to change our domain and to force our
clients to worry and experience. 

For our company, our numerous clients, our country and the world,
stability is very important! What can be stable under such

Understand correctly, many companies as our, are based on domain
SU, advertise themselves with domain SU, clients know them with
domain SU, build the work on it, and never thought, that someone
will decide to turn all and will cross out all previous work of
the company.

1.NO !
2.NO !
3.NO !
4.NO !
We just want to work stably, we have deserved it!!!

Yours faithfully, and hope for understanding,

Collective of Infirmational agency Trade.su

Anna Dmitriva, Moscow, www. <http://www.Trade.su> Trade.su

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