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Comments about .SU ccTLD retirement

  • To: cctld-sunset-comments@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Comments about .SU ccTLD retirement
  • From: Max Tulyev <president@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 02:32:31 +0000

Hi All,

Here is some thoughts about .SU and other ccTLD Retirement.

I hope ICANN is working for Internet community, not for some business or
politic entities. So ICANN should listen that community, even if some
part of it is too rude or too lame ;)

A number of comments for save .SU means community needs in it. SU is
growing fast, even with it's dramatically high price. SU have a number
of famous domains, as well as well-known free 3ld domains with tens of
thousands 3ld delegations. And first of all, unlike other TLDs going to
be retired - surprise, SU don't look dead!

ICANN as an organization working for community should think how to help
that community, of course, without violating interests of others.

At first - please, be more honest. Until .SU is NOT removed from the
"big" ISO list, there is equal reasons to remove .SU and for example .EU
from root DNS. If SU will be removed sometimes, there will be at least
five years before possibly reassignment due to ISO terms. So, if there
will be reason for SU retirement in the far future - may be, but
certainly NOT NOW.

At second - try collaborate with ISO more closer. May be some letter
that Internet industry objects removal SU from ISO list now. May be some
kind of agreement with ISO about prohibiting of reassignment of used
codes due to Internet needs. Really, there is a lot (a half?) of
unassigned codes, why do confuse people?

My opinion also is NOT retire old TLDs for historical reasons. Killing
the history is a Bad Thing in every times.
Yes, USSR was gone 15 years ago, but at least it's our history!

Even more, there is the requirement in that domain, because many people,
organizations, entities associate themselves with Soviet Union. Starting
up .CIS TLD for CIS is a very good idea, but CIS is NOT Soviet Union
anyway. Some countries was a part of USSR hates CIS and never
participates it (personally me is deeply disappointed Ukraine is in CIS

So my opinion is ICANN should do all possible actions to save SU until
community needs it.

P.S. Please, fix an information at your site:
URL for registration services: http://www.r01.ru/
Whois server: whois.ripn.net
Also changing 095 to 495 in all phones listed there is a good idea, as
area code of Moscow was changed an year ago.

P.P.S. There is also an idea to move SU administration outside Russia to
make a freedom island domain for Russia (that is still associated itself
with Sovied Union) and other non-democratic ex-USSR countries, I know.
Good idea for my point of view.

Max Tulyev (MT6561-RIPE, 2:463/253@FIDO)

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