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Internet archeology.

  • To: cctld-sunset-comments@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Internet archeology.
  • From: JFC Morfin <jefsey@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2007 03:06:51 +0100

This mail answers the following request for comments:


As being the one who decided that the the ccTLD list would be based upon ISO 3166 (after our initial allocation of "uk" by private decision), I can only applaud an effort to better support ISO 3166 and its evolution. This should be based upon the following principles:

1) to make clear that, as per RFC 1591, IANA is not in the business of deciding what is or is _no_longer_ a national community.

2) the former or incorrect two letters code assignments should all follow the same management rule. The first one to be considered is ".uk", which should be replaced by ".gb".

3) the topic should be discussed within the ISO 3166 MA, of which ICANN is a member, and take into account the period of 50 years having been adopted after the case of "cs".

4) it should be accepted once and for all that a TLD is the common property of its registrants community, that ICANN MUST abide by the decisions of this community in order to protect their best interests, and that the Internet is for everyone, not just for ICANN.

5) to respect the users rights and the registrant property in freezing and supporting the domain names at the time of country change (archives, history, etc.) for free. URLs are providing access to their part of the world's heritage. ICANN has no authority there; it is not in the business of erasing History memory. To enable the work on past documents to be performed easier, a free ".hist" TLD should be created in co-operation with UNESCO to support former ".uk", ".su", ".tp" links as ".uk.hist", ".su.hist", ".tp.hist" links that browsers could easily support.


I am copying this mail to: GNSO/GA, IESG, IAB, ccTLD, IGF, Intlnet mailing lists, and to NICSO, MINC, UNESCO, ITU,EU, etc.

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