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Time for ICANN, VERISIGN and PIR to IGNORE Existing Registrants of IDN.COM who have no prior rights to full IDN.IDN domains

  • To: comments-base-agreement-29apr13@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Time for ICANN, VERISIGN and PIR to IGNORE Existing Registrants of IDN.COM who have no prior rights to full IDN.IDN domains
  • From: Toren Chikalut <tochikalut@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 18 May 2013 22:29:14 +0300


The Final New gTLD Registry Agreement,should not be changed in any way
to reflect nonsense comments posted by Dave Wrixon.

No aliasing should be done for IDN's. No need for clarification from

Verisign or PIR.

CNNIC at the end of the day, did not see any confusion or problem in having

ChineseIDN.CN & ChineseIDN. 中国 go to separate owners (CN=中国=China).

The major difference in their case is that both co-existed for quite

awhile. In the new gTLD's we are talking about a new delegation of IDN.IDN

so this is very different. Hence in this case it is much simpler and there

isn’t the slightest problem in delegating them to separate owners, as those

IDN.IDN did not exist within ICANN until now.

In addition other ccTLD didn’t differentiate or see a problem in that.

If their claim were to be accepted it would mean that 100% there will be

confusion in the new gTLD's between applications for  .GAMES vs. JUEGOS

("games" in Spanish) and many others. Since there is no confusion in those

cases there would be no confusion between .COM or .ORG in English to the

transliteration in Chinese Arabic Hebrew Russian etc…!

Besides all these points please see the following links which clearly

describes why there is no confusion and why they should be given to new





The confusion is only in the mind of certain hybrid IDN domain owners who

are looking out for their own interest, and trying to mislead the public.

They have no legal rights or standing for IDN.IDN in Arabic, Hebrew,

Chinese , Korean or Russian, whether it be in .COM .NET or .ORG


Verisign and PIR can feel very safe to open the new IDN era, and give it to

new applicants. They have no legal obligation to give it to any existing

hybrid domain owners. In fact they must NOT alias any of those domains if

they plan to meet the ICANN goal to reach end users.

Kind regards,


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