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ITI comments on CCWG-A 2nd Draft Report

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  • Subject: ITI comments on CCWG-A 2nd Draft Report
  • From: Alice Jansen <alice.jansen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2015 22:43:19 +0000

Submitted on behalf of Ken Salaets


The Information Technology Industry Council, ITI, is pleased to once again have 
the opportunity to comment on the work of the Cross Community Working Group on 
Enhancing ICANN Accountability (CCWG).  We wish to thank the numerous 
volunteers who have logged many hours and miles in developing the "2nd Draft 
Report on Work Stream 1 Recommendations."  We urge the CCWG and other 
stakeholders to insist that this proposal serve as the locus of all further 
deliberations on enhancing ICANN accountability.

ITI represents the world's leading providers of information and communications 
technology (ICT) products and services.  As the voice of the high tech 
community, we advocate policies that help advance technology and innovations 
and improve people's lives.  Maintaining the existing multistakeholder system 
of Internet governance is a critical and essential component of that objective.

As we have stated in previous comments, ITI supports the IANA stewardship 
transition process initiated by U.S. Department of Commerce's National 
Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) last year.  We view it 
as a logical and necessary step in strengthening multistakeholder governance of 
the Internet.  At the same time, we recognize that some stakeholders have 
concerns regarding the transition in general, and with ICANN processes in 
particular.  Thus, we also strongly support the initiative to revise and 
enhance ICANN's bylaws and procedures so as to increase organizational 
accountability to the broader community.  Indeed, we view this initiative as an 
essential and necessary component of the IANA stewardship transition.

The 2nd Draft Report on Work Stream 1 Recommendations contains significant 
improvements over the initial draft, and meets relevant benchmarks established 
by the NTIA.  In particular, we strongly support the proposed change to Article 
XI section 2 clause J of the ICANN Bylaws (paragraph 619) regarding "Stress 
Test #18."  We believe the proposed revision provides essential clarity 
regarding the appropriate role and weight that should be afforded to GAC 
advice.  ITI believes that it is appropriate for the ICANN Board of Directors 
to assign additional weight and consideration to consensus policy advice from 
GAC because such advice truly represents the considered views of all government 
stakeholders.  In contrast, if the GAC were to cease to become advisory - 
because, for example, it reflected only the majority views of that community - 
we do not believe that such deference would be appropriate.

While some may question the necessity of certain proposed accountability 
provisions, we do not.  Taken altogether, we believe the CCWG's newly-proposed 
community powers will provide essential checks and balances while achieving an 
appropriate balance among the interests of all stakeholders, including those of 
the Board of Directors and staff.   If fully adopted and implemented prior to 
the IANA stewardship transition, we believe the proposal will help engender and 
strengthen community trust and confidence in ICANN as the sole steward of the 
IANA functions.

Again, we applaud the CCWG for this solid proposal.

Ken J. Salaets
Information Technology Industry Council
Washington, DC

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