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  • To: comments-closed-generic-05feb13@xxxxxxxxx
  • From: J P <joeyperez2010@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 11:33:28 -0800

To the stakeholders of ICANN,

My name is Joseph Perez AKA Joey Fiero, from Los Angeles, CA. I have a
diverse background in corporate executive administration, marketing  and
technology within many types of industries, and have met different types of
people from all over the world who views, culture, science and politics
influence the value of one’s life and what we will have in it. I’ve
personally met very high corporate executives and influenced corporations
like restaurant giant, Mcdonalds. Go ahead, give them a call, one of them
should remember me. No ego intended.

Part of what has brought positive value in life that many people have today
is because of the open and free internet that not only brings people
together but creates an opportunity for those who wouldn’t have such an
opportunity. Having the ability to get something that otherwise would not
be obtainable like a self-taught education that might otherwise cost a lot
of money through traditional learning and would have been out of reach by
someone like me who grew up with parents that only went to Jr. High and
didn’t speak any English. I barely graduated high school because I never
had any one of my family members help me with homework, I never received a
college degree yet I’ve had corporate executive and project management
titles at companies I have not personally owned,  learned business
administration, management, legal, marketing, computer programming,
webmaster, network security, graphic design, electrical engineering,
physics, quantum and regular physics, chemistry, biology, carpentry, piano
and started my own non-profit helping under privileged kids and parents in
after school programs to receive what I had the privilege to receive with
computers and the “internet” networking. To this day, I still self-educate
because of the open and free internet.

The open internet has personally given me the opportunity to gain just as
much experience and wisdom as those who would otherwise need the financial
backing for such ventures or aspirations. I can claim witness of the earned
success my family and I have had due to the internet and its freedom of
expression, information and the reach to the people of this world.

The sale of TLD’s has possibly a profitable move given that only the
affluent will probably be able to get such an opportunity to purchase these
TLDs. This could be a benefit for many who are involved on the business and
upper investment levels and aspect of it but that leads the question as how
that would benefit and  trickle those benefits down to the lower and
disappearing middle class of the countries, around the world.

Everything online and offline adds or takes away from the value of life or
sometimes both at the same time and this is what will probably happen if we
close off TLDs, it will be both good and bad but one will always outweigh
the other, it all depends on who has the power to really make the final.
The wonderful people, who earn money, give a piece of their life for this
money, so that their families can have food on their table and a warm or
cooled house to call home, without money there is nothing. We all
understand that.

We know that a lot of progress and the betterment of humanity is driven by
monetary gains or fear for ones or love ones well being and existence but
we should not let that determine the choice we make with it comes down to
the betterment of humanity in general. The space program was pushed forward
because of the fears of war in space. The NASDAQ was created because the
investment in time and money for spreads therefore was digitized and look
what it has become and how the .com boom has influenced its evolution to
becoming what it is today.

An example of a moment of truth for us as people has come and we need to
make a decision not based on momentary gains, the internet has the power to
bring people together and is the foundation for our future economics and
politics where it will seed the foundation to even getting rid of money. A
future where there is no such thing as money. Believe it or not, there is a
way for a way for a society to flourish without the need of money and the
internet “world network” is the way in which it will start from.

One suggestion of mine is if the corporations and ICANN stakeholders are
thinking about this closed TLD’s system then make the TLD’s .google -
.microsoft - .universal .brand name instead of a generic term. Eventually
you will get to the point where the entire DNS address system must be
changed anyways as you see the population increase and you see a rise in
businesses or ideologies.

Unfortunately within today’s economy and the presence it has online, the
creation of closed TLD’s will have the same effect as Walmart did for the
small business owner in a population of less than 200 thousand.  That is a
real world example of what can happen with private TLD’s, it forces small
business owners to close shop.

This closed TLDs idea devalues the presence of businesses and freedom on
the internet. It does not give the opportunity to small business owners to
have the same prominence as the big corporations who took over an area. It
will hinder certain parts of the freedom of intelligent speech. There is
basic, real world expectations that mirrors this type of possible online
situation and the predictable of its outcome.

Picture a shopping mall, when you go to the shopping mall you have a choice
of many different stores to purchase from. JCpenny’s sells suits but there
might be a family owned suit store in that same shopping mall, both have
equal opportunities to attract customers because of the “open” area in
which people walk on.

CLOSED TLD’s is like trying to build a family owned suit store inside a
JCpenny’s store that sells suits. If you get rid of the family owned
business, which by the way makes up a good chunk of the economies of the
world, you slowly start getting rid of the middle class.

This is not about right or wrong, it’s about honesty. It is truly honest to
say that any type of “private business” and its CORE characteristics of
which the investors and company drives itself upon is for the betterment of

ICANN stakeholders, the decision you make will reflect upon all of you and
your core characteristics and what you believe the internet should really
be and what people of the world will see. This will determine if the
acquisition of wealth is the determining driving force of your lives and no
exempt status will cover your shadow and if it is and a possible monopoly
happens, you will only give rise to another form of internet governance
that will come after ICANN and it will be made by the people of the world
and the source and walkways will always be open that is part of humanity
and its betterment evolution.

One World. One Internet.

Best Regards,

Joey Fiero

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