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L’Oreal, Amazon’s, and Other Company’s Closed Generic Top Level Domains, Including L’Oreal’s Application for .SALON, .HAIR, and .MAKEUP

  • To: "comments-closed-generic-05feb13@xxxxxxxxx" <comments-closed-generic-05feb13@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: L’Oreal, Amazon’s, and Other Company’s Closed Generic Top Level Domains, Including L’Oreal’s Application for .SALON, .HAIR, and .MAKEUP
  • From: Carlos Mendoza <cmendoza63@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2013 11:12:24 -0500

 The comments below express the numerous
concerns over Amazon, L’Oreal’s, and Other Company’s applications as the owners
of a closed, anti-competitive gTLD: 

After several years
of research, ICANN created the application process and deadline to submit the
applications.  All of the applicants had to submit their application by
the deadline and couldn’t submit any applications after the deadline.  
Applications are not to be arbitrarily
changed when applicants feel like it.  Therefore, L’Oreal should not be able to
change their answer to Question #18 on the application for .SALON since the
application deadline has already passed. 
Other applicants can’t just change their answers to make them sound
better.  It is true that applicants were
sent Clarifying Questions, but Clarifying Questions were sent fairly to all
applicants who needed them.  The
Clarifying Questions don’t contradict or change previous answers on the 
they are supplemental information to clarify things.The intent of the
new gTLD program is to promote competition, not give unfair monopolies.   
L’Oreal’s application for .SALON should be
disqualified entirely because it is anti-competitive and will give L’Oreal an
unfair advantage over the competition.  Where is the line drawn? 
For example, if certain salons don’t carry L’Oreal products, will L’Oreal then
start denying them access to have a web site address ending in .SALON? 
Will L’Oreal deny salons access to the website ending in .SALON if they don’t
sell L’Oreal makeup, didn’t attend L’Oreal schools, etc. ? Nothing is stopping
L’Oreal from doing this. L’Oreal already said it was only going to use .SALON
for their own salons/interest/profit and has clear anti-competitive 
intentions.L’Oreal does not
have the best interest of the salon owners and employees in mind; L’Oreal is
out for its own interests and profits. 
This is a clear conflict of interest and unethical.ICANN should not be swayed
by financial or market presence of Amazon and L’Oreal who clearly filled out
question #18 on the gTLD application for .SALON incorrectly and
unethically.  Instead, answers given on
the gTLD application should be reviewed and treated fairly and equally for
all.  It is clear: disqualify L’Oreal and
Amazon for any anti-competitive gTLD that they applied for. Thank you for your 
consideration in this matter.


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