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Closed Registry comments

  • To: "comments-closed-generic-05feb13@xxxxxxxxx" <comments-closed-generic-05feb13@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Closed Registry comments
  • From: Tom Casey <cheapsmartdomains@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2013 08:48:08 -0800 (PST)

I submitted my comments to ICANN on Feb. 25th but it was not posted.  Why is 
that and were there other comments people submitted that were not posted?  My 
comments are below.  Please post them in the forum.  Thank you.

Closed generic registries goes 
against the whole idea of creating more choice and openness on the 
Internet and enables giants like Google and Amazon to take control over large 
industries of the Internet.  I do not think 
any generic terms should be allowed to be closed as many unsuspecting 
issues will be out of ICANN's control after they are granted.  Take these 
generics for 
example....Coupon, .Deal, .Save...Amazon will control the entire 
multi-billion dollar couponing industry.  There have been no GAC Early 
Warnings on these TLD strings but many other industries there have.  Why not 
the couponing industry which effects millions and millions of 
businesses.  If I have a brand name and I want to post a Coupon or a 
Deal if I had an idea for a business to post Deals for computers or even if I 
wanted a .Save to save the whales, I could not because Amazon would control the 
Internet in that space.  I think  the control needs to stay within ICANN for 
generic terms, not Amazon.  ICANN has no idea what Amazon's grand 
scheme is and it may be heavily limiting the Internet instead of opening it up 
and making it fair to all Internet users.  This was the idea to 
open the TLD space, the idea wasn't to enable Amazon, Google and other 
giants to control the Internet.  Once they are granted that control, 
never in the future will it be legal to take it away from them.  This 
needs to be carefully thought through the ever-changing internet as 
ICANN and no one else has a clear vision of the future of the vast 
changing Internet and can easily grant control/monopoly without seeing 
how restricting this will be in the future.  It's just not fair to all 
users and can create much disaster going forward. The Internet has 
everything to lose and nothing to gain by granting closed registries.  A closed 
for brand names make sense but not generic terms.  They should be open 
for everyone.  

Tom Casey

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