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FW: Closed gTLDs - Comment from Irish Internet Association

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  • Subject: FW: Closed gTLDs - Comment from Irish Internet Association
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  • Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 09:59:29 -0800

Forwarding on behalf of Joan Mulvihill, Irish Internet Association

----- Original Message -----
From: Joan Mulvihill - IIA CEO<mailto:joan@xxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, March 04, 2013 4:51 PM
Subject: Closed gTLDs - Comment from Irish Internet Association

To whom it concerns,

Upon review of proposals for generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs), the Irish 
Internet Association (IIA) on behalf of their members would like to register 
their grave concerns in relation to the introduction of "closed generics".
The very essence of the internet as an open, democratic and free space for 
users is compromised by the registration of certain generic domains by large 
corporations. The idea that generic words such as 'cloud', 'blog' and 'search' 
are owned by commercial entities who's primary motivation is to profit from an 
orchestrated monopoly of the market is at odds with the fundamental principles 
of an internet for all.

The applications to ICANN from a number of large organisations seeking to 
close-off common words for use by one company is anti-competitive, stifles 
innovation and creates barriers to entry for new enterprise. Consumers too for 
example, in using the world's largest search engine, will be mistakenly led to 
believe that they are searching the global internet marketplace. Instead they 
will be presented only with a filtered view of the world, coralled into finding 
only those blogs that come under its remit. A blog by its very nature is a 
personal space promoting freedom of expression but where the very freedom to 
choose a preferred blogging software would be gone (or at least pointless).

The internet is born of dynamic, creative and enterprising innovators. They are 
the very kernel of it's existence. The internet has been positively 
transformative for business and society as a whole. For the most part one of 
its defining and precious characteristics has been that it allows all comers to 
compete on a fair platform. Is it now to be turned into a marketplace that is 
'owned' by a small number of world's largest brands who have bought the market 
and where new enterprises are commercially disadvantaged and consumers are 
restricted in choice?

We would urge ICANN to reject these applications for such closed gTLDs and in 
so doing act as the custodians for the future of the internet as a space that 
allows for true market competition, supporting innovation and ensuring access 
for all.

With kind regards,

Joan Mulvihill,
CEO  Irish Internet Assocation

Joan Mulvihill | Chief Executive Officer
Irish Internet Association | Digital Hub | 10-13 Thomas St |  Dublin 8
+353 86 389 7552
Skype Me:joaniem6

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