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Closed Generic Registries

  • To: comments-closed-generic-05feb13@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Closed Generic Registries
  • From: Tom Gilles <tgilles@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 03:55:36 -0700

We submit the following letter of petition opposed to closed generic word
tld registries followed by comments by some of the signers.

The petition is located at: online at:


I strongly urge ICANN to reject New Top Level Domain applications for words
that represent a broad market sector or have broad use and meaning, and
that for which the applicant has no trademark rights and is proposing a
closed registry business model.
I do so for the following reasons:

1.Closed generic word registries defeat the mission and purpose of ICANN,
The New gTLD Program and are not consistent with the Affirmation of
Commitments with the U.S. Dept of Commerce.

2.Closed broad market generic registries are harmful to the public interest
in that they will restrict freedom of expression, innovation, opportunity
and will result in unfair competition in the market sectors represented by
the TLD.

The purpose of the New gTLD Program as stated on the ICANN New gTLD site,
"is to promote competition in the domain name market.".

Two of ICANN's Core Values:

"[f]. Introduce and promote competition in the registration of domain names
where practicable and beneficial.

[g]. Where feasible, depend on market mechanisms to promote and sustain a
competitive environment."

 From the Affirmation of Committments:

"3. This document affirms key commitments by DOC and ICANN, including
commitments to: (a) ensure that decisions made related to the global
technical coordination of the DNS are made in the public interest and are
accountable and transparent; (b) preserve the security, stability and
resiliency of the DNS; (c) promote competition, consumer trust, and
consumer choice in the DNS marketplace; . ."

The ICANN New gTLD Program was initiated to bring much needed competition
to the end user domain name marketplace. Closed generic word registries
defeat these purposes and are harmful to the public interest. By their
definition, closed registries do not add supply and choice to the end user
market for domain names. They will exert no pressure on pricing in the
domain name marketplace.

There is great potential for public harm in the form of restricting freedom
of expression and innovation as well as unfair competition in industries
represented by a TLD.

In a world where the right of the dot helps users to identify relevant
content on the web; where short descriptive domain names using a generic
address ending could be available, there will be no equal substitute to
.APP for an app developer or promoter. There will be no equal substitute to
.SALON for a brick and mortar salon business. The same will be true for
each industry or topic related to every generic word top level domain.
.MUSIC domain names should be available for anyone involved in the music
industry, or simply lovers of music to use as an address on the world wide

No single company or organization should be sole arbiter of all possible
uses of domain names under the .music TLD. The same is true for all topical
category generic word top level domains.

For non-latin character sets in languages such as Chinese and Japanese,
closed registries for .クラウド (.CLOUD), .ストア (.STORE) .セール (.SALE), .ファッション
(.FASHION), .家電 (.ELECTRONICS), .書籍 (.BOOK), .通販 (.MailOrder), .食品 (.FOOD)
will place entire cultural identities at risk. There will be loss of
opportunity for people and business in that native language to express,
pursue and flourish in top level namespaces designed for them. This should
not be allowed.

New Top Level Domains for generic words that define broad markets or
topics, and have many possible uses and applications such as .app, .blog,
.music, .shop, .ファッション, .食品 and others should be open for registration and
use by the broad public, not controlled and exploited by one organization
I urge you to disqualify and reject all TLD applications that seek to close
generic word registries to public use.

Petition Organizer,

Tom Gilles


The Following are comments submitted by signers of the petition:

Jim Foust EASTON, PA

The internet must be kept free and neutral for everyone and for business of
ALL sizes. . . While I'm not opposed to tld's of a registered trademark
like ".amazon" or ".google"... I object and am strongly opposed to the
anti-competitive monopolization of generic or generally non-trademarkable
tld's such as .music .art .hair .gifts or .groceries .etc . I find such
requests and their allowance to be anti-competitive and completely

bren hammel AUSTRALIA

it completely unethical and directly affects my business and more
importantly my clients.


I would like to preserve open generic internet namespaces for individuals
and small business.

Shaun le Cornu AUSTRALIA

because it is important that the internet of all things remains a place
wher eit is possible for humanity to be free to express itself, regardless
of social etiquette, regardless of peer pressure or religious beliefs. The
internet represents humanity in all its colours, in all its flavours and is
and always should be a palce for freedom and variety. If not for this then
there is nothing, nothing but conformity and rigidity. Please, please see
into the future, your lives, our lives and the lives of your childeren and
their's. We need to maintain the penness if for no other reason than to
know that we are human, that we are not perfect and that we need to learn
from our mistakes in order to survive and prosper as an entity in this
world and any other world that we happen to live in. Now is the time to
make a stand and to see the bigger picture.


Because no company should have all the rights to generally available items


The internet should be for people, not corporations.

Charles Duke BRADFORD, PA

Closing generic word gTLD's is anti-competitive and contrary to the basic
principals that ICANN is supposed to adhere to, as well as being
oxymoronic. Generic name and closed registry? Is this a return to the
Soviet Union style of operating?

Sherman Williams Williams MONTGOMERY, AL

I believe in a free internet


ICANN's claim "ICANN developed the New generic Top-Level Domain Program to
increase competition and choice by introducing new gTLDs into the
Internet’s addressing system" is completely contradicted by Amazon
applications such as: ".STORE will be a single entity registry, with all
domains registered to Amazon for use in pursuit of Amazon’s business goals.
There will be no re-sellers in .STORE and there will be no market in .STORE
domains. Amazon will strictly control the use of .STORE domains." A total

Richard Lanoszka VICTORIA, CANADA

ICANN is a corrupt nonprofit organization making shady deals with domain
registrars. Gready corporate organizations attempt to make quick profits
and should be prevented from doing this damage to the Internet.

kosuru pavan INDIA

monopoly is bad for anything

Krishna Nalamothu INDIA

No Company should have absolute control over generic names. They may keep
good names for their company needs.

William von Hagen VERONA, PA

This makes the web more confusing, and even more of a commercial playground
than it already is.

diane desena WALNUT CREEK, CA

My organization is involved in the ICANN project.

Rami Schwartz MEXICO

Harms Competition and Expression

shaul jolles KANSAS CITY, MO

You can't get a trademark on the word food. Why should you be able to
exclusively use .food? You shouldn't.

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