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A few comments

  • To: comments-enhancing-accountability-06may14@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: A few comments
  • From: Seun Ojedeji <seun.ojedeji@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2014 16:15:35 +0100

Hello Staff,

Kindly find a few comment inline

   - What issues does the community identify as being core to strengthening
   ICANN's overall accountability in the absence of its historical
   contractual relationship to the U.S. Government?

Stability of the Internet (names, IP and protocol): Everything to date has
been administratively and technically functional and one could say this is
because of the oversight role played by the US government. Seeing that the
stability of Internet is maintained even without the US oversight is an
important imperative. Inview of this, the organisation should
reflect/integrate some of the principles in the contract with the
community/board acting as the oversight

   - What should be the guiding principles to ensure that the notion of
   accountability is understood and accepted globally? What are the
   consequences if the ICANN Board is not being accountable to the
   community? Is there anything that should be added to the Working Group's

Transparency...transparency and transparency : The processes needs to be as
transparent as possible; such level of transparency will gain trust from
the community. Transparency does not mean that the system itself is
perfect, however it will help the community believe that it can be made
better. The ICANN board should not be accountable to the community but they
should be accountable to the principles/guidelines of the organisation. The
organisation should engage the WG (community) to develop and improve on her
working principles and guidelines. The community should inturn operate in
an open and highly inclusive manner so that its proceeds will reflect a
global view and not a sectional one. That way it becomes easier to make
checks and balances.

   - Do the Affirmation of Commitments and the values expressed therein
   need to evolve to support global acceptance of ICANN's accountability
   and so, how?

I think the AoC itself is already global in context, what i don't know for
sure is whether its binding. However there should be no need to test the
strength of the AoC if indeed the question 2 above is well dealt with.

   - What are the means by which the Community is assured that ICANN is
   meeting its accountability commitments?

Representation: ICANN structure needs to be representative as much as

Stability: Not to breaking what is already functional will make a good

Keeping to principles: So long as the organisation ensures openness and
transparency in its activities then it could serve as an indication

Dependency: The organisation proving that she is operating based on the
community developed processes is another key indication

   - Are there other mechanisms that would better ensure that ICANN lives
   up to its commitments?

There should be external processes in place that allows the community to
make the board accountable to the existing principles/processes

   - What additional comments would you like to share that could be of use
   to the ICANN Accountability Working Group?

Noting more except that the working group should be as inclusive as much as
possible to avoid capture.


*Seun Ojedeji,Federal University Oye-Ekitiweb:      http://www.fuoye.edu.ng
<http://www.fuoye.edu.ng> Mobile: +2348035233535**alt email:

The key to understanding is humility - my view !

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