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Consultation on the Source of Policies & User Instructions for Internet Number Resource Requests.

  • To: comments-iana-policies-user-instructions-25jun13@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Consultation on the Source of Policies & User Instructions for Internet Number Resource Requests.
  • From: Mark Janssen <dreamingforward@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2013 18:35:06 -0700


I have a radical idea for the issuing of numbers and domain names.
ICANN should recognize that the internet has evolved away from the
legacy server-centric and geo-centric computing topology towards a
content-centric and mobile topology.  Most of the content generated on
the net today is user-generated, not server-generated.  This is a
major revamping of the original internet's design (connecting
supercomputing centers across the land for war-time reliability).

Further, the economy suffers from a deep need to satisfy the economic
crisis facing the world today.  That problem centers on the idea of
the EndOfGrowth.  The solution to that problem is to make a
CreativeEconomy (aka Wikinomics).  The Internet has plateau'd into a
balkanized surburbia where most of the creativity is either invisible
or the attention gets diverted to a small number of popular sites.

The popularity of the wiki-style content creation (at the original
WikiWikiWeb, now at http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WikiWikiWeb) and the
phenomenon of Napster back in 2000, demonstrates the nascent power of
PeerToPeer networking and write-anywhere methodology.

To wit:

Rather than old style DNS, where domains are mapped to (generally
geo-specific) IP addresses, make a more generic domain-name space,
that ties itself to *content*.   In other words, remove the concept of
TLDs and create a new routing protocol based on
ContentCentricNetworking.  People care about content, not about it's
location, so we should rethink the notion of tieing information to a
geo-specific IP address, and consider something like WikiWords -- a
very successful platform for collaboration and the storage of
collective knowledge.


Tacoma, Washington

P.S.  As a demonstration of such a "new Internet", the above
paragraphs themselves contain content-addressed (CaMeLCasEd) WikiWords
located on the original Wiki of WardCunningham (at c2.net).  (Since
this proposal is not yet implemented for the web, you'll have to type
in these WikiWords in the address-bar or use the FindPage function at
the bottom of the URL I gave for the WikiWikiWeb.) In this proposal,
they would be *addresses*, each user-machine can be the host
of their own content, with a new kind of "root" server handling naming
conflicts.  See GlassBeadGame to see how far this idea can go.

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