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Personal comment from Nicholas Ostler (IP Member)

  • To: comments-khmer-lgr-15apr16@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Personal comment from Nicholas Ostler (IP Member)
  • From: Nicholas Ostler <nicholas@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 May 2016 12:25:30 +0100

Like my colleague, Michael Suignard, I should like first to congatulate the Khmer GP on the quality of their LGR proposal.

I list below a number of small suggestions for change which I think will make comprehension easier for people reading it without prior study.


p. 4,

In table of other languages using Khmer script, there is an inconsistency of internal capitalization between "Rattanakiri" (occurring once) and "RattanaKiri" (occurring twice).

p. 4, line 15

"Thai and Lao scripts are derived" should be "Thai and Lao scripts were historically derived"

p. 5, line 1

"for collecting the feedback and recommendation of the proposal" should be "in order to elicit feedback, and receive recommendations on the proposal"

p. 6, line 9

"use of subscript version" should be "use of a subscript version"

p. 6, line 10

"at this stage" seems to imply that a possible revision of this statement is foreseen for the future. "lacking evidence to the contrary" might make this explicit, while sounding like a decision that will stand firm, until such evidence is received.

p. 6, line 15

"restricted in context to different dependent vowels" is better as "restricted in context to specific dependent vowels"

p. 7, line 10

"the Khmer LGR'" should be "the Khmer LGR" [i.e. there is an excess apostrophe after LGR]

p. 14, line 12

"and follow up discussion with others GPs (Khmer, Thai, Lao and Myanmar)" should be "and follow-up discussion with others GPs (Khmer, Thai, Lao and Myanmar)," [i.e. insert hyphen and comma]

Nicholas Ostler

+44 (0)7720-889319, (0)1488-208563

Member, ICANN Integration Panel

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