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Changing WHOIS rules

  • To: comments-ppsai-initial-05may15@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Changing WHOIS rules
  • From: Charles Bowman <bowmancr@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 10:16:09 -0500

I support...

   - The legitimate use of privacy or proxy services *to keep personal
   information private, protect physical safety, and prevent identity theft*
   - *The use of privacy services by all*, for all legal purposes,
   regardless of whether the website is “commercial”
   - That privacy providers should not be forced to reveal my private
   information *without verifiable evidence* of wrongdoing

This proposal is terrifying for anyone who has an online presence and tends
to attract the attention of determined harassers, and it could be the death
knell for communities doing social justice work and/or communities run by
anyone who is a member of a disproportionately targeted population: Women
of any description, people of color, queer folks, trans* people, people who
do fat and/or disability advocacy, etc.

Dr. Charles R. Bowman

Principal Research Chemist, AVEKA, Inc.

"It is well known that a vital ingredient of success is not knowing that
what you're attempting can't be done." -
<http://www.gnuterrypratchett.com/> Sir
Terry Pratchett
<http://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/583611-equal-rites> (*Equal

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