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ICANN - Respect Our Privacy

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  • Subject: ICANN - Respect Our Privacy
  • From: info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2015 00:05:38 -0700

Dear ICANN staff and GNSO Council members:

Please consider my responses to the public comment invitation on Page 16 of the 
Privacy and Policy Services Accreditation Issues Policy document:

Q1: Should registrants of domain names associated with commercial activities 
and which are used for online financial transactions be 
prohibited from using, or continuing to use, P/P services? If so, why, and if 
not, why not?

A1: No. The mere fact of commercial activities with financial transactions 
should not be grounds for a website operator to risk harassment, solicitation, 
pressure, extortion, or any other unwanted contact. Most of the operators 
covered by present practices are small and have limited means to protect 
themselves. Legitimate need for contact can be serviced by existing policies.

Q3: Would it be necessary to make a distinction in the WHOIS data fields to be 
displayed as a
result of distinguishing between domain names used for online financial 
and domain names that are not?

A3: No. Such distinctions invite targeting.

Thank your for considering my response.

—A concerned website operator

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