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FW: Beijing Failure

  • To: <comments-proposed-raa-07mar13@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: FW: Beijing Failure
  • From: "Dave Wrixon" <david@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 20:47:28 +0200


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ICANN having followed the process reasonably carefully from a distance, it
is clear that process was swamped with Lobbying of English speaking public
interest groups and that most of the issues relating to IDN and Asia simply
got drowned out.


ICANN is setting itself up for the single largest institutional failure in
its history, and there have been a few.


The issue surround permitting the IDN Transliteration of existing gTLDs. The
potential user confusion is obvious. Even Verisign has clearly recognised
that in its comments that right of existing registrants of IDN.com need to
be protected. However, the issue extends far beyond the rights of
registrants which have been largely ignored, but extend to the potential of
enormous systemic phishing due to the creation of audibly identical gTLDs in
a number of scripts which represent all the biggest registries.


The only way to mitigate this problem is contractually bind the registries
of these Dot Com, Dot Net, Dot Org and Dot Info domains to bundle the second
level domain strings with the original ASCII registrations in PERPETUITY.


Furthermore, to avoid Anti-Trust issues the cost of registering Dot Com
transliterations domains be controlled in a similar manner to that of the
original Dot Com registry. The obvious way to do this would be ensure that
registrars can only create the Transilerated IDNs where they hold the
existing second level string. Furthermore, the functionality of the
Transliteration should be provided that reflects the cost of the service
being provided as no new Intellectual Property is being created.


This approach does not negate the economic benefit to registry because it is
still extending it market across new languages and scripts. Indeed, the
appeal of a global representation of the original gTLD without the
introduction of user confusion should have enormous marketing benefits. In
many respects all the arguments that apply singular and plurals as well as
IDN Variants also apply to IDN.com and their Transliterations.


This could either be the making of the New gTLD programme or a complete
train wreck that ultimately results in endless legal suits and the
destruction of not only ICANN's credibility but also the existence of ICANN
itself. Failure to contractually bind Verisign to commitments that it has
already made will be the single biggest mistake that the ICANN Board will
have made in its entire history.




Best Regards


Dave Wrixon BSc (Hons) DMS CEng MICE MIStruct E

Contracts Manager

Structures Asset Management




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