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Comments on the Draft Root Zone KSK Rollover Plan

  • To: comments-root-ksk-06aug15@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Comments on the Draft Root Zone KSK Rollover Plan
  • From: Yoshitaka Aharen <aharen@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2015 11:27:43 +0900

Dear Design Team,

First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide
comments on Draft Root Zone KSK Rollover Plan.

I talked with my colleagues about the document.  Basically, it seems
fine for us.  Followings are a few comments from us regarding
operational aspects of resolvers.

(1) Measurement indicators of influence to the resolver
  During Root Zone KSK Rollover, resolver administrators would like 
  to measure if any influences are happening to their resolvers.
  It is very helpful if some indicators are provided to measure 
  influence to the resolvers.

(2) Actions at resolvers when rollback has happened
  The section 10 describes rollback.  If the rollback started, 
  what should resolver (validator) administrators do?  It is very 
  helpful if actions for resolver administrators regarding rollback 
  were described.

(3) Target date of KSK rollover
  The section 11 describes target date consideration.  However 
  the date is selected avoiding weekends, it is impossible to avoid 
  non-business hours (such as midnight) for some regions due to 
  multiple time zones.  If the date was announced in advance adequately, 
  resolver administrators will be able to prepare emergency formation. 
  We think adequately advance announcement is more important than 
  selecting weekdays.


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