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Facts about Telnic

  • To: comments-tel-renewal-04aug16@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Facts about Telnic
  • From: step.winter@xxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2016 13:53:38 +0200

- Telnic is nearly bankrupt
- Telnic broke  ICANN regulations several times
- Telnic refused all customer wishes
- Telnic isn't do any kind of work
- Telnic financials are disastrous:
- The financials of Telnic's subsidiary Telnames are even worse:
- Telnic refused to publish financials for several years
- Telnic produces huge financial losses every year, although Telnic has no 
costs (e.g. no active employees, no development effort since years). Does this 
money go all into the personal pocket of Khashayar Mahdavi?
- In addition Telnic has to carry the big losses from the 100 % owned 
subsidiary Telnames that has closed its business recently
- Against ICANN regulations, Telnic founded its own registrar Telnames. Telnic 
tried to cover that the registrar Telnames fully belongs to Telnic by 100 %.
- Against ICANN regulations, Telnic refused to offer new developments at 
Telnames to the majority of customers
- Against ICANN regulations, Telnic refused to talk to the .tel community
- Against ICANN regulations, Telnic hide all relevant information from the 
public and the .tel community
- The .tel community is complaining about Telnic's attitude since the year 
2010. The internet is full with comments about the bad business practice of 
- The .tel community is asking to fire Khashayar Mahdavi since the year 2011.
- Nobody has transparency on the things going on at Telnic all the time.
- The reputation of Telnic is completely destroyed
- The .tel community is very angry about the mismanagement by Telnic.

Please cancel the contract with Telnic. The .tel community can't collaborate 
with the causer of the breakdown for this top-level domain.

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