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Telnic have let down so many people and must go !

  • To: "comments-tel-renewal-04aug16@xxxxxxxxx" <comments-tel-renewal-04aug16@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Telnic have let down so many people and must go !
  • From: <mikeseaton88@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2016 22:08:33 +0000 (UTC)

Telnic have let down ICANN with minimal and falling registrations going from 
333,891 on 1 March 2011 to 103,482 today
- see http://www.hosterstats.com/DomainNameCounts2011.php  and 

Telnic have let down their Investors who are faced with $35,000,000 going down 
the drain
- see http://www.teltalk.org/t628-35000000-down-the-drain#3202

Telnic and their 100% owned subsidiary Telnames had a Negative Combined Net 
Worth of £-339,176 (£2,976,131 + £-3,315,307) on 31 December 2014
- see http://www.teltalk.org/t4459-telnic-s-yearly-accounts-history#15832  and 
The accounts due at Companies House on 27 September 2016 may well show even 
worse financial figures.

Telnic abandoned their Roadmap on 1 July 2011 with the vast majority of the 
enhancements undelivered 
- see http://www.teltalk.org/t145-the-long-lost-tel-roadmap-uncovered#474

Telnic have let down Companies House with their “cunning moves”
- see http://www.teltalk.org/t1733-telnic-pulls-a-cunning-move#11006

Telnic will not listen to the .Tel Community- see 

Telnic has lost their Chief Technology Officer Henri Asseily who was 
responsible for the “Data in the DNS” development
- see http://www.teltalk.org/t1672-what-s-happened-to-telnic-telnames-cto#10473

Many Telnic employees have now left
- see 

Telnic Never Learns from its Mistakes
- see http://www.teltalk.org/t564p16-does-telnic-never-learn#2810

Telnic let down their Registrars by creating a 100% owned subsidiary Telnames 
to sell the new Telnames format direct to end users, but prevented their own 
Registrars from selling it. Telnic/Telnames CEO Khashayar Mahdavi still uses 
this format himself at http://Kash.telbut new users can no longer register it
- see 

Telnic have let down everyone by refusing to consider interest from a very 
successful and established internet company already running many TLDs
- see http://www.teltalk.org/t4387p8-afilias-wants-to-buy-failed-gtld#15215


1. Telnic must NOT be allowed to renew the .Tel Registry.
2. The .Tel Registry needs to be assigned to a successful domain company such 
as http://Afilias.info

3. As the “Data in the DNS” concept has failed .Tel should be opened up to 
operate as a normal gTLD.

Mike Seaton

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