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Block all two letter domain names!

  • To: "comments-two-char-new-gtld-12jun14@xxxxxxxxx" <comments-two-char-new-gtld-12jun14@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Block all two letter domain names!
  • From: Robert Delaware <rfdelaware@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 11:15:29 -0700

To Whom It May Concern-

I'm not a fan of these two-letter domain names, and I think that all two letter 
domain names should stay completely blocked and reserved.  As I understand it, 
two-letter domain names like KU could soon be available.  If you've been 
following the news, there's a possibility that there could be a new country of 
Kurdistan by this time next year.  Kurdistan should presumably get KU.

Should one of the first things that a newly formed government have do is hire 
some Gucci-clad lawyer to negotiate this with DONUTS?  I think not.  Imagine 
the Pesh Merga on K Street.  

Most people would outraged if they new about this.  There's already too much 
confusion about gTLDs, and if you've ever had to sit down with an older person 
and explain that there are malicious people in the world who try to hide behind 
confusing URLs, you'd realize that a flood of new gTLDs are not in the interest 
of the consumer.

I think it was that legendary Cold Warrior Daniel Patrick Moynihan who, when 
asked why he was forlorn as the Soviet Union crumbled replied: "I'm afraid, my 
son, the next 50 years will see 50 new nations - each one born in blood."

Let's hope not, because ICANN sure as hell wouldn't have the domains for that 
after this goes through.

Great work on the .xxx rollout, BTW.

-Robby Delaware 

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