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Do not expose WHOIS data

  • To: comments-whois-accuracy-14may15-en@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Do not expose WHOIS data
  • From: lasertits <lasertits@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2015 00:48:59 -0700

Regarding the proposed rules governing companies that provide WHOIS
privacy services (as set forth in the Privacy and Policy Services
Accreditation Issues Policy document):

As a small business owner and long-time customer of domain related
services, I strongly urge you to respect internet users' rights to
privacy and due process.

- Small business owners should not be forced to publicize their home
address, phone number, email, or other private information.

- WHOIS privacy protection is essential for anyone running a
controversial and entirely legal website for a wide range of subjects,
e.g. religion, sexuality (queer activism for example), and many more. If
their personal information is publicized, they are vulnerable to
anyone who doesn't agree with the content they are hosting. These
website owners can and will become victims. Do you want to be
responsible for another Charlie Hebdo attack?

- Should these changes go through, it will tempt domain owners to
submit falsified information to ICANN in order to protect their
privacy. The address will be real, but it will be 100 miles away, and
the phone number will be a disposable one unassociated with the owners
real name and address. Those who do this will know the chances of
getting their domains pulled are slim.

- Should these changes go through, it will tempt domain owners to
delete their websites now that they are no longer protected.

- Innocent website owners do not deserve to become victims, or to be
forced to shut down, or publicize their private information due to the
small percentage of bad apples whom these proposed changes are
targeting. Not to mention those who are hosting illegal content
probably aren't submitting their real information to ICANN in the
first place - so tell me - what good are these changes going to bring?
Because I can't find anything that turns these changes into a
beneficial one for anyone other than the entertainment industry or law
enforcement, all of whom should be required to have a court order to
gain someone's private information.

- No one'ss personal information should be revealed without a court
order, regardless of whether the request comes from a private
individual or law enforcement agency.

- Everyone deserves the right to privacy. Private information should
be kept private.

Thank you.

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