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In opposition to cybersafety petition.

  • To: <cyber-safety-petition@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: In opposition to cybersafety petition.
  • From: Nicholas Burau <nickb_minot@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 16:08:08 -0500

I am completely opposed to the creation of this cybersafety group.  I feel that 
it goes against the best interests of my fellow citizens and the internet as a 
whole.  If we give one group the ability to censor material they find offensive 
then we open ourselves to them removing not only things such as porn and spam, 
but also research and papers that do not follow their beliefs.  

A friend of mine also brought up the point of leading by example.  Why don't 
these individuals that want to take away our freedom show the rest of the world 
how much better their lives are by being free from this moral corruption?  
Surely just showing the people how much better these high moral standards make 
life will have people lined up for miles to get in on the good life.  Now since 
this is not the case then we are left to decide if this means that the people 
we are dealing with think they are so far superior that they know better what 
is good for us than we do, or if they are power hungry and agenda driven with 
no real moral standards.  We should also take into account that according to 
The Register this is being driven by a "Mormon anti-pornography activist" and 
that "Utah is 58 per cent Mormon, and according to a recent study has the
highest consumption of internet pornography of any US state, boasting
an average of 5.47 porn subscriptions per 1,000 broadband users".  Assuming 
these numbers are accurate then we can see that either the Mormons are very 
high consumers of pornography or that they influence the people around them to 
consume more pornography.  No matter which one it is we can see that they have 
problems of their own that they should look at dealing with before attempting 
to show the rest of the world how to solve them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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