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The cyber-safety application and my oppostioin to it.

  • To: <cyber-safety-petition@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: The cyber-safety application and my oppostioin to it.
  • From: Chris Wills <chrwills@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 18:37:31 -0700

Dear Sirs,

As much as I would agree with certain of the goals stated by this organization 
I must find myself in opposition to this plan for several reasons.  

First, given the rule of law in this country and the First Amendment this would 
be illegal and certainly overthrown by the courts when challenged.  

We must also remember the lessons learned from prohibition and that any attempt 
to legislate or impose morality must fail.  Recall that alcoholism skyrocketed 
during that time and it was the birth of organized crime, which still plagues 
us several decades later, in this country.

Consider also that few, if any, other countries in the world would be likely to 
support and implement this and the resulting schism could result in the 
fracture and balkanization of the internet and possibly leaving the US isolated 
from the rest of the world as they rebuilt and routed around the perceived 
damage and cut us out of the new network.  

This brings us to the technical issues of redesigning the network protocols 
from scratch and the massive infrastructure costs involved in upgrading or 
replacing all the servers, routers, and other equipment that this would 
require.  This might even result in companies and organizations in the US 
refusing to comply and in ICANN losing its role in managing the network as 
people and organizations started to ignore the directives issued.


Chris Wills
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