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domain tasting abuse by NetSol

  • To: domain-tasting-2008@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: domain tasting abuse by NetSol
  • From: zejms7j02@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 8 Jan 2008 21:42:03 -0000

For one of the reasons why 'Domain Tasting' is a bad thing, see this Slashdot 


To see how it works, follow the four easy steps:

1. Make up a string of random characters
2. Go to a registrar and check if the domain is available. If your string is 
random enough, it probably isn't.
3. Go to networksolutions.com and check if the domain is available.
4. Go to the first registrar and check again.

Surprise! It's already registered, by networksolutions.

Please remedy this antisocial behaviour by implementing the following measures:

1. Immediately suspend networksolutions' access to the registry for abusing 
their access, until they have agreed to stop their abuse.
2. Implement binding policies for registrars stating they may not use failed 
dns lookups or whois lookups for registering names, or their access will be 
3. Remove the registration grace period, as it has no legitimate use and does 
allow abuse.


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