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Comment from Radix Registry - Auction Scheduling

  • To: <drawing-prioritization@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Comment from Radix Registry - Auction Scheduling
  • From: "Shweta Sahjwani" <shweta.s@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 13:00:21 +0530

According to the new system of Prioritization Draw Numbers proposed by
ICANN, it is a very likely possibility that there will be a significant time
gap between the auction and actual delegation based on the winner's Draw
Number. Also, according to the Applicant Guidebook, the winner of the
auction must  pay the winning amount within 20 business days.

For example, if Draw Number 1900 wins an Auction in July 2013, he would need
to pay up the winning amount within 20 business days, and then stand to be
delegated the TLD over 60 weeks later (assuming 1400 unique strings, and
1000 TLDs per year delegation limit). Obviously it does not benefit anyone
to pay the winning amount one year before delegation, and lose interest on
the amount in the interim.

Consequently, we expect ICANN to announce a more efficient schedule for the
auctions and payment. Some suggestions for the same are below:

1)      Possibly stagger auctions for different Contention sets based on the
Draw Numbers of the applicants within a Contention set. Ideally ICANN should
schedule auctions closest to the time of the potential pre-delegation
testing appointment for the lowest Draw Number from the Contention Set.

2)      If auctions need to be scheduled earlier, ICANN could relax the 20
day time limit to pay up the winning amount. Possibly to some maximum time
limit (such as 2 months) prior to delegation.

3)      Alternatively, ICANN could allow the winner to pay a certain
percentage amount within 20 days as a surety and the remaining at a later

Warm regards,

Shweta Sahjwani

Strategic Partner Manager

Radix Registry


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