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  • Subject: Dear
  • From: "charles t" <charles_lt@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 18:37:00 +0100


Please permit me to express certain personal issues I do not know if i might 
receive helps from you of course my subject might appear so sudden but please 
consider this as a wish and accept my mail with a deep sense of humility

i lost my father about eight months ago, i and my sister are Alone right now. 
My father was an ex_district leader to our entire community more than 
twenty-five years before our births I was the Eldest son and our mother has a 
divorce with my father she did never knew of my father's fortunes and so many 
other aspects we lost my Mom on the 7th July 2008

Unfortunately, my father willed some amounts of money to us which was with a 
certain bank within our capital district These amounts was annually paid into 
my father’s account from various communities and company cooperation among 
which where Shell Petroleum Development Company, Chevron, and Mobil.

Most of the saving which my father  willed to me was from annual revenues for 
compensation of youth and community development under my father leadership I 'd 
like to  transfer to your country with your cooperate assistance of course  
this was my actual issue of reaching with a mail.

The real problems where that there has always been many problems within family 
members because of indirect rights to some certain matters much like my 
father's mills, lands, old industrial s, Estates, and 16 private housing and 
other structures.

I may urgently need your cooperate assistance as I wanted immediate transfer's 
to your country cooperatively with your helps. i inherited Good sun of money 
$4.000.000 as said herein and I believed it might be Great times that has 
indeed drew us together Please do accord mutual esteem to the email, i may need 
your Reply quickly.

Sincerely Charles

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