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2nd Proposal from Imran on EOI - gTLDs

  • To: eoi-new-gtlds@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: 2nd Proposal from Imran on EOI - gTLDs
  • From: Imran Ahmed Shah <ias_pk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 09:22:01 -0800 (PST)

Proposal & Suggestions
Expressions of Interest in New gTLDs
Submitted to 
Imran Ahmed Shah
[ +92 300 4130617  +92 300 4130617 ]
11 December 2009
To propose some suggestions regarding “Expressions of Interest in New gTLDs” 
for the development of a excellent model of new layers over the globe of 
Internet World 
and to reduce issues & conflict (current and future).

1.    How do we ensure that participation in the EOI accurately represents the 
level of interest?
The level of interest cannot be guaranteed (practically), however if someone 
has shown his interest by submitting application in the beta-round (called as 
EOI Round) and fulfill the basic requirements to apply to hold the new registry 
and to start serving Internet users with a new name script as a TLD. M/s ICANN 
should have to honour his EOI comparing with those organizations which could 
not shown even EOI. They describe the social usefulness/effectiveness and 
global impact of the namespace which they need to obtain. 
The demanded namespace and the applicant who has shown the Expression of 
Interest (EOI) should be categorically divide into two types:
Namespace (TLD name script)   
a.    Non-Commercial:
(e.g.: .college, .green, .technical, .faq, .nutrition, .health, .support, .lib 
b.    Commercial:
(e.g.: .shop, .sales, .hotels, .iMall, .camera etc)
If the trade names are included: .intel, .ibm, .nokia, .boeing, .johnsons 
These two divisions should be considered with separate rules and criteria. 
Note for type a: Non-Commercial 
List of the Non-Commercial strings and the idea generator’s name should be 
announced publically by publishing on the website. The qualification of this 
type of the name script should be analysed by the public comments and interest 
through online survey and usefulness description. 
The applicant (person or organization) of Non-Commercial strings should be 
considered as IDEA GENERATOR or that name script. He should be asked during the 
EIO process that either he (they) just proposing a useful name script, or he 
(they) want to maintain the registry himself (themselves). So the registry 
management is a secondary part in this case, because if the usefulness is 
ensured by the public comments/survey that name script should become live TLD 
(by any means) even if the applicant has mentioned that he is not going to host 
or manage the registry at his own. If the Idea Generator is not going to host 
recommended TLD registry, this TLD name script may be offered to other registry 
owners or may be enabled by a subsidiary of ICANN organization. ICANN also may 
have option to enable this string in their L-Root Server and may offer all 
registrars to start registration of second level domain names to this TLD. 
ICANN may consider an important option to
 provide a minimum amount (may be .1% or 1%) out of the registration fee of 
this non-commercial TLD and would pay to the IDEA GENERATOR.
Note for type b: Commercial 
Commercial namespace (name script) should not be announced to the public or 
competitors, even it should not to be known by the other ICANN Staff Members 
(who are not involved in the name script evaluation process) for the purpose of 
This commercial name script should be kept strongly confidential until unless 
the actual application has been submitted by the idea originator+ application 
period has been closed and the numbers of the applied strings and number of 
applicants has been published. This name script should be published (online) 
once the applicant qualifies other portions of the application and have 
submitted the basic name script evaluation fee. Now the purpose of publishing 
the name scripts is to announce the namespace/name script for the purpose of 
public or commercial market comments and to evaluate if there is any there is 
any other trademark holders who may want to become the equal participant as 
sharing in the registry of commercial TLD. Still the applicant name should not 
be mentioned. Their names should be published with the proposed name scripts 
when they have qualified the third round.
If the conflict arises among the two applicants (who have submitted 
application) demanding for the same name script before publishing the name 
script online, the conflict should be tried to resolve. 
If it is not resolved, only these name scripts and applicant names should be 
mentioned online earlier before the second round. 
Note: Here the model of the maintaining of non-commercial registries will not 
only help to increase the trust of the Internet Users but also will increase 
the usage of the domain business by expanding the new Internet Layer. If this 
model is found useful it may be adopted for the commercial name space if the 
trade mark holders’ conflict arise and not going to be resolved without 
bidding. ICANN should discourage the Bidding option because in this way the 
registry will be allocated to the richest organizations only. 
        1. Should only those who participate in the EOI be eligible to 
participate in the first round when the program officially launches?
Non-Commercial name space TLDs:
Non commercial name space should not be limited to the participant of EOI, but 
also be available till the start of the second round. Its application period 
(1st round) should also be a longer than commercial name space. 
Commercial name space TLDs:
Application Period for Commercial name space should shorter than non-commercial 
applications but this also may not be limited to the participant of EOI. 
Because the actual round is not started yet if Application period is going to 
be called First Round. The proposed names and the applicant names are not going 
to be published till the qualification of third round.
        1. Should a deposit be required for participation in the EOI?
Non-Commercial name space TLDs:
It is necessary to obtain the minimum financial figure as a title of fee should 
be obtained from the originator of the idea of this non-commercial name script 
which may become online once the survey reports in its favour. This fee may be 
just US$100 to ensure the engagement of the both parties. Again to mention that 
this applicant is a Idea Generator and may have mentioned that he will not be 
going to maintain registry by himself. 
Commercial name space TLDs:
Well, there are two options for the Commercial gTLD name script applicant. 
Either he pay 50% fee of the First Round of the application to obtain some 
rebate voucher (which may be 10 to 25%) and will be used while paying the fee 
of the first round of the application. It is necessary to obtain this fee to 
get them engaged. But if they do not pay this amount at the time of showing EOI 
they should be allowed to pay this 50% fee at the time of the submission of the 
Application in First Round and will have to pay remaining 50% fee when their 
application is accepted to evaluate. But they will not obtain rebate in this 
        1. If there is a fee, under what circumstances should there be refund?
Non-Commercial name space TLDs:
The minimum fee charged from the Idea Generator’s may be refunded only if it is 
not opened for the public support survey and is going the be refused initially 
by any justifiable reason(one of the reason could be that it is commercial and 
not non-commercial name script) :
Commercial name space TLDs:
As the application fee are being charged for each round separately for the 
operations of the specific round, it should charged before the operation is 
started and should not be refundable if the operational process has started on 
the application. However, some one can demand the fee if he withdraw his 
application before the operation/process begins for the evaluation of 
application or specific to the round.
        1. What information should be collected from EOI participants? 
It is necessary to ask about the idea of the name script and its utilization at 
global level. It should be ensured that the proposed gTLD is not being obtained 
for personal use of the very limited number of community or limited commercial 
trade mark (which only have intend to obtain to reserve name space and not to 
open publically).
·         5.1  What subset of applicant questions found in the Applicant 
Guidebook at 
 be answered?
·         5.2  Including applied-for strings?
·         5.3  Should information be made public? 
The commercial name script should not be mentioned to the public until the 
qualification of the 1st round. 
The Commercial applicant name should not be mentioned to the public until the 
qualification of the qualification of the Third (3rd) round. Please refer to 
the Answer of the Question 1 and 2.
        1. Must the responder commit to go live within a certain time of 
The Commercial applicant name should not be mentioned to the public until the 
qualification of the qualification of the Third (3rd) round. Again please refer 
to the Answer of the Question 1 and 2.
        1. What are the implications for potential changes to the Applicant 
Guidebook after the EOI participation period closes?
Changing the Criteria for the both kind of name script EOI and Applications for 
Commercial and Non-Commercial Name Scripts of gTLDs.
        1. What are the potential risks associated with the EOI? 
Non Commercial TLD name Scripts:
If the non commercial name script is displayed to the public, before the 
application period of the closing time of the commercial application submission 
or EOI period the commercial market may obtain the idea and can try to grab 
this name space with the help of huge funds available to him.
First come first server idea is not being implemented, over here. So, everyone 
will try to apply at the last hour of the EOI and Application periods.
Commercial TLD name Scripts:
The competitors conflict may arise if not taken care and if the name string are 
Imran Ahmed Shah
[ +92 300 4130617  +92 300 4130617 ]
[ICANNian since ICANN 36th Seoul Meeting]
Proposal & Suggestions
Expressions of Interest in New gTLDs

Attachment: Proposal from Imran on EOI re gTLDs.doc
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