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3rd Proposal from Imran on EOI - gTLDs

  • To: eoi-new-gtlds@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: 3rd Proposal from Imran on EOI - gTLDs
  • From: Imran Ahmed Shah <ias_pk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 10:04:37 -0800 (PST)

3rd Proposal 
Expressions of Interest in New gTLDs
 Submitted to 
Imran Ahmed Shah
 [+92 300 4130617]
[ICANNian since 36th ICANN Seoul Meeting]
11 December 2009
3rd Proposal  for Expressions of Interest in New gTLDs

Some suggestions for the review through related workgroups and public comments.
Reference: Expressions of Interest in New gTLDs 
My Vision:
I believe that ICANN will remain not- for-profit organization and will 
facilitate Globalization and Localization capabilities to all users who are 
enjoying with the Internet Layer on the map of the World and new layers are 
going to be launched to provide more opportunities to acquire property at 
Internet world.
I propose (for ICANN) that:
•       New TLDs should be a general Name Script. 
•       For example instead of .Nokia, it should be .Camera
•       There should be two type of gTLDs name script to be offered, Commercial 
and Non-Commercial
•       Non-Commercial gTLDs should be proposed by someone (individual or 
organization) and there should be three options, 1. Just propose, 2. Propose 
and maintain with the financial support but either 3rd part or ICANN, 3. 
Propose and maintain with showing enough resources and infrastructure.
•       The non-commercial name script should be evaluated for public support 
through online survey. 
•       If the Idea Generator don’t show the interest to maintain the registry 
himself, ICANN may host it at L-Root Server.
•       New commercial gTLDs may please be maintained by ICANN itself when the 
conflict arises or more than one applicant is appeared and they could not 
resolve the conflict in 1st or second round. Now the idea is this that instead 
of giving it to new higher bidder candidates (as a Registry) it should be 
maintained by ICANN itself. 
Existing Registry setup will remain continue. The other Commercial gTLDs which 
have no conflict in 3rd round of application processing will be able to 
allocate the registry ownership.
•       ICANN should maintain (additional IT infrastructure) to host Clustered 
ROOT SERVERS to enable these new gTLDs (in addition to existing root servers).
•       Existing REGISTRARS will be enabled by the ICANN to start the domain 
registration with new TLDs.
•       Multi-Stake holders and Government representatives of different 
countries may be allowed to maintain their own Clustered ROOT SERVERS to 
protect their concerns.
•       I appreciate that ICANN has invested significant amount of time and 
cost in development current model but I understand that the ICANN has already 
absorbed costs. The current model appears to be passing these costs incurred 
over past few years to the commercial market that will simply pass it on to end 
•       Consumers and end users will benefit from consistent level of services, 
fair pricing model and unbiased approach across the globe from most reliable 
organization they can depend on.
•       It will reduce the conflicts of Intellectual Property Rights of 
multi-stake holders and geographically distributed communities (who may demand 
for the same name scripts).
•       It will improve the Policies Implementation process & control for 
DNSSEC, Data Integrity & Stability.
•       It will improve the implementation of ICANN policy to provide equal 
opportunity and transparency.
•       It will reduce the chances for coming into the situation to resolve the 
conflicts through bidding competitions.
•       And finally, it will increase the number of domains registration 
(calculated on yearly basis).
•       Will help to bridge between digital divide between non developed and 
developed countries and territories. Commercial users and non-commercial users 
of the Internet layers.
•       Will ensure transparency.
•       Will increase competition level and will reduce monopoly of the richest 
organizations and 
•       It may be not acceptable for new REGISTRY CANDIDATES, (but will not 
affect existing business of Registries.
•       It may be called that it is going to be centralized instead of 
decentralization. (but actually it will protect ICANN Globalization Policy 
against the divided internet territories on the map of the Internet World.)
•       It may reflect that ICANN is generating its monopoly, 
Justification: This is not fact that the proposed model will create monopoly of 
the ICANN, actually in this way ICANN is creating more expansion of the domain 
business opportunities in the domain name business with the fair price model 
and transparency with reducing conflicts. If any richest organization wins 
bidding after paying the huge amount in fourth round, they will definitely 
shift this cost to the users. Here to obtain a higher fee / price of two level 
domain, they will also reduce the competition and will try to develop their 
monopoly and will also going to divide the user levels of digital world. So, 
ICANN should try to reduce this kind of monopoly condition or the conflicts to 
reach on the bidding level. The only way is this that such cases should be 
resolved before reaching to the worst condition. ICANN may devise its 
subsidiary but on the basis of non-for-profit.
(just for a fun)
I also propose a title names:
•       For ICANN staff as “The ICANNinas” 
•       For ICANN Fellowship Members + Alumni as “ICANNians” 
Imran Ahmed Shah
[+92 300 4130617]
[ICANNian since 36th Seoul Meeting]

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