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Comment on one and two letter names support

  • To: gnr-proposal-comments@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Comment on one and two letter names support
  • From: NICSO Secretariat <info@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 00:44:59 +0100

We are afraid ICANN put itself into a very embarrassing situation here. ICANN has agreed the concept of ".name" to permit individuals worldwide to obtain domain names built as their_family_name.name. Now, it happens that ICANN has introduced a violation of the Human Rights in its contract. The contract discriminates people on the basis of their name. There are names with strings of 20 characters, there are some with one or two letters. Everyone must be treated equal.

If it was not possible, you had not to approve ".name".

Your objections?

- a DNS problem on 2 letters labels? It would be interesting that you document it, ".co.uk" is here to show that millions of domain name with a two letter name work just fine. What about fr.com, uk.com, cn.com .... Why is .name not permitted what you permit to .aero? Because Air Lines have more money than Mr. Na?

- a DNS problem with SLD being a TLD string due to an algorithm bug on an old Bind version? Did you prevent .com, .net, .edu; etc. to register com, net, edu names. Did you check info, museum, etc. where no SLDs before accepting their $ 25.000 request.

Now why ISO 3166 MA and not ISO 639-1 Infoterm or the IATA.
And ISO 3166 reserves 2 letter codes for private use. Why is GNR and the other gTLD not permitted to use them?

Small communities remember why Louis Touton introduced the clause. If it is to protect local communities against confusion, why don't you protect the ISO 3166-1 alpha3 list too? It was more significant and mnemonic, and more appealing for tourism.

We suggest that you drop that 2 letter clause from all your contracts, or may-be Dr. No will just sue ICANN and win.
Jeremy Mathieux

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