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Re: [gnso-contactinfo-pdp-wg] Memo to GNSO re: bundling Translation and Transliteration into Thick WHOIS IRT

  • To: Chris Dillon <ccaacdi@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [gnso-contactinfo-pdp-wg] Memo to GNSO re: bundling Translation and Transliteration into Thick WHOIS IRT
  • From: Amr Elsadr <aelsadr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 12 May 2016 17:36:42 +0200

Hi Chris,

There are some in the “thick” whois Implementation Review Team (IRT) who share 
your concerns regarding delays in implementation as a result of bundling. 
However, their concerns are with delays in implementing “thick” whois, not 
T/T!! :)

My understanding is that it would make more practical sense to implement them 
along side each other, instead of working across each other. This is especially 
true, since the roll-out of RDAP is already bundled with “thick” whois. It 
would also be the same contracted parties implementing both policies one way or 
the other, wouldn’t it? Unless I’m missing something.

Regarding your second concern, there is a good reason why there is no precedent 
to merging two implementation IRTs, and that’s because IRTs are relatively new 
anyway. In fact, the details and principles that govern implementation of 
policies, and the roles of IRTs were only recently developed by the GNSO Policy 
and Implementation Working Group, and resulted in major changes to the GNSO 
Operating Procedures, including formalising the roles of IRTs. So I wouldn’t be 
too worried regarding the lack of precedents. :)

Just some thoughts.



> On May 12, 2016, at 1:41 PM, Chris Dillon <ccaacdi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear Amr,
> Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
> I am one of the cautious voices mentioned below. This is because it is 
> important that T&T recommendations do not get lost in something large and 
> possibly slow. This argument was picked up in the document.
> I also heard a concern in an area where I have little expertise - that there 
> is no precedent for such a merger. Having worked in large British 
> organizations for many years, I know that such things tend to cause 
> procedural delay and it would be worth it to flag this aspect up.
> Regards,
> Chris.
> On 11/05/2016 17:52, Amr Elsadr wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I thought this may be of interest to folks on this list. The GNSO Council 
>> will begin considering bundling the implementation of T/T with the 
>> consistent labelling and display track of “thick” WHOIS. You may be 
>> interested to read the memo written by GDD staff on this proposal. It should 
>> be attached to this email.
>> Any thoughts?
>> Thanks.
>> Amr
>>> Begin forwarded message:
>>> From: Amr Elsadr < <mailto:aelsadr@xxxxxxxxxxx>aelsadr@xxxxxxxxxxx 
>>> <mailto:aelsadr@xxxxxxxxxxx>>
>>> Subject: Fwd: Memo to GNSO re: bundling Translation and Transliteration 
>>> into Thick WHOIS IRT
>>> Date: May 10, 2016 at 9:38:36 PM GMT+2
>>> To: GNSO Council List < 
>>> <mailto:council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
>>> <mailto:council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>
>>> Hi,
>>> In preparation for item 8 on Thursday’s Council meeting agenda, I am 
>>> forwarding a memo developed by GDD staff, and addressed to the GNSO 
>>> Council, outlining the rationale and preliminary community feedback to the 
>>> proposal of merging the implementation of the Translation and 
>>> Transliteration of Contact Information PDP recommendations with the 
>>> Consistent Labelling and Display track of the “thick” WHOIS implementation 
>>> process currently underway.
>>> I hope you will find this informative. I can take any questions or comments 
>>> from the Council back to the IRT. Of course, you can also direct those to 
>>> Cyrus and Francisco during their briefing to us on the topic in two days.
>>> Thanks.
>>> Amr
>>>> Begin forwarded message:
>>>> From: Brian Aitchison < 
>>>> <mailto:brian.aitchison@xxxxxxxxx>brian.aitchison@xxxxxxxxx 
>>>> <mailto:brian.aitchison@xxxxxxxxx>>
>>>> Subject: Memo to GNSO re: bundling Translation and Transliteration into 
>>>> Thick WHOIS IRT
>>>> Date: May 10, 2016 at 9:04:29 PM GMT+2
>>>> To: "aelsadr@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:aelsadr@xxxxxxxxxxx>" 
>>>> <aelsadr@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:aelsadr@xxxxxxxxxxx>>
>>>> Cc: Fabien Betremieux < 
>>>> <mailto:fabien.betremieux@xxxxxxxxx>fabien.betremieux@xxxxxxxxx 
>>>> <mailto:fabien.betremieux@xxxxxxxxx>>, Francisco Arias 
>>>> <francisco.arias@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:francisco.arias@xxxxxxxxx>>, Marika 
>>>> Konings <marika.konings@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:marika.konings@xxxxxxxxx>>, 
>>>> "Karen Lentz" <karen.lentz@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:karen.lentz@xxxxxxxxx>>, 
>>>> Krista Papac <krista.papac@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:krista.papac@xxxxxxxxx>>, 
>>>> "Lars Hoffmann" <lars.hoffmann@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:lars.hoffmann@xxxxxxxxx>>
>>>> Dear Amr,
>>>> I am the GDD lead for the Translation and Transliteration implementation 
>>>> project, and am sending you the attached memo on behalf of Fabien 
>>>> Betremieux to forward to the GNSO Council for their consideration at their 
>>>> meeting on Thursday, 12 May. 
>>>> As you have discussed with him, the memo concerns the proposal to merge 
>>>> the implementation of the T/T project into the work stream of the Thick 
>>>> WHOIS IRT. 
>>>> You can find all the relevant details in the memo itself. Please let me 
>>>> know if you have any questions. Otherwise, on behalf of GDD Staff, we 
>>>> thank you for forwarding it to the GNSO Council ahead of their Thursday 
>>>> meeting. 
>>>> Best,
>>>> Brian Aitchison
>>>> Brian Aitchison, PhD
>>>> Lead Researcher
>>>> Operations & Policy Research
>>>> Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
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>>>> Los Angeles, CA 90094-2536
>>>> p.  310.301.8688
>>>> m. 424.353.9041
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>>>> <mailto:brian.aitchison@xxxxxxxxx>
>>>> w. www.icann.org <http://www.icann.org/>

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