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RE: [gnso-ff-pdp-may08] The need for facts

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  • Subject: RE: [gnso-ff-pdp-may08] The need for facts
  • From: "Mike O'Connor" <mike@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 15:43:50 -0500


this is a good example of the following;

        "be careful what you wish for -- for your dreams may come true."

so let me reiterate;

for any "problem statement" (or "solution statement") that we make;

1) what facts would we need in order to understand its scale and scope?

2) where could we get those facts?

3) are the statistics being collected now?   how well -- is the data credible?

4) if they're being collected, is the person/organization willing to share them?

5) if they're not being collected now, what's the best place to get them and is it worth it to go after them?

at this stage of the game, i'm yearning more for reliable information *sources* than raw data. and, once those sources are identified, i'm looking for a reliable/public/published methods of analyzing that data to help us understand the breadth and depth of the problems we're looking at.

one of the things that i'm pondering is the need for some sort of collaboration between us (ICANN) and some of the other institutions that are out there. not just for facts, but all sorts of other things (best practices, response, etc.). here's the beginnings of a list of possible partners;

- the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), based out of Carnagie Mellon -- www.cert.org

- the Computer Security folks at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) -- www.cscr.nist.gov

- the EDUCAUSE Security Task Force -- www.educause.edu/security/

- NANOG (North American Operators Group) -- www.nanog.org/

sorry about the US-centric list, this is just a list that comes to mind, left over from the days when i worked for a living. but you get the idea -- i'm sure there are more, and better, sources. i'd feel a lot more comfortable if the facts/analyses we were looking at flowed from groups like these...

thanks Joe for the speedy reply, even though it did sorta make my eyeballs peel. :-)


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