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Re: [gnso-gtld-dt] Kick-Off: Call for input on: "Impact of new gTLDs on ICANN's structure"

  • To: "Neuman, Jeff" <Jeff.Neuman@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [gnso-gtld-dt] Kick-Off: Call for input on: "Impact of new gTLDs on ICANN's structure"
  • From: Thomas Rickert <rickert@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 13:44:11 +0200

thanks for your response. 

My understanding is that Bertrand would like everyone to present their ideas / 
views on ICANN as a whole. It is certainly up to the Council to focus on 
certain aspects. 

Just to be clear, I was not suggesting in any way that the individual groups do 
not have a resilient structure, but gathering facts on what the challenges are 
is - in my view - imperative to start an informed discussion. Even assuming the 
individual groups can handle the challenges, where should new players entering 
the scene find their home, e.g. a big brand applicant running a registry and 
its own registrar. 

I am more than happy for you to propose a different approach, but I think that 
we should structure our discussion a bit. You may also wish to provide input on 
the aspects that you deem appropriate for us to handle and we take that as a 


Am 15.08.2012 um 05:37 schrieb Neuman, Jeff:

> Thomas,
> Thanks for kicking this off.  As you know, the registries stakeholder group 
> has been considering the challenges for several years now and believes that 
> it has adequately addressed the challenges (at least as much as we can) in 
> advance of any TLDs being awarded.  We also believe it is a resilient 
> structure that will stand the challenges presented for the next several years.
> I actually do not believe the path you want us to head down is the 
> appropriate path. We, as a council, should not be focusing on whether the 
> RySG (or even the RrSG) is able to handle the challenges, but rather whether 
> we as a council (and as a community) can handle the changes ahead.  The inner 
> workings of any particular stakeholder group or constituency should be 
> handled by that particular stakeholder group or constituency.  Comments can 
> be provided on proposed structures by any other group, but in the end, the 
> position previously taken by the Commercial Stakeholder Group and the 
> Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group (and their respective constituencies) is 
> that the inner workings of those groups are between them and the ICANN Board 
> (who gets input by the community).  We expect that the precedent set in the 
> last few years on this be followed through this exercise.
> Jeffrey J. Neuman 
> Neustar, Inc. / Vice President, Business Affairs
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> Behalf Of Thomas Rickert
> Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 3:37 AM
> To: Gnso-gtld-dt@xxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [gnso-gtld-dt] Kick-Off: Call for input on: "Impact of new gTLDs on 
> ICANN's structure"
> Dear colleagues,
> welcome to this mailing list and thank you for your willingness to contribute 
> to this important topic. 
> I have copied Bertrand's original message at the end of this e-mail for your 
> reference.
> Let me propose to take an approach consisting of two phases. 
> In the first phase, I would like the group to establish some facts and in the 
> second phase we should draw conclusions from this. The reason for that is 
> that I am convinced that we need to write down and consider the wishes and 
> expectations which the existing and new players may have before rushing into 
> a debate about potentially changing an exisisting structure.
> Phase one:
> - Qualitative challenges 
> - Quantitative challenges 
> Phase two:
> What is the impact of the above factors on the ICANN structure, if any?
> To give you an idea of what we might consider, here come some questions / 
> examples:
> Phase one:
> Qualitative challenges:
> - What are the interests of new registries? Are they different from those of 
> existing registries? In what way are they different?
> - Will the interests of registrars change, will distribution channels change? 
> - Will there be enough representation of the community with the given 
> structure?
> ...
> Quantitative challenges:
> - There will be a bigger community with more attendees at meetings. 
> - Will ICANN be able to provide a good service to the bigger community with 
> existing staff?
> ...
> In Phase two, we will then assess the identified challenges/expectations and 
> see whether these can be met/responded to with the given structure. If not, 
> we will hopefully be able to make some suggestions how they can be addressed 
> adequately. 
> I would like to invite you to provide input to the aspects of phase one for 
> the time being as I think we should first find out what the challenges could 
> be before we discuss potential consequences or actions that should be taken 
> by ICANN. Certainly, you are invited to respond addressing phase two as well, 
> if you wish.
> Would you please send your initial input by August 20th? I will then analyze 
> it and send out the request for input for phase 2. 
> Thank you and best regards,
> Thomas
> Dear all,
> The new gTLD program will have a significant impact on the functioning of 
> ICANN and its structure. An in-depth community discussion is needed to 
> identify early the corresponding challenges and possible evolutions. It 
> should be conducted while the gTLD program itself is being implemented, 
> without waiting for the completion of this round. This should in particular 
> be taken into account in the upcoming gNSO review, planned in 2013.
> As you probably remember, this issue was therefore put on the agenda of the 
> various Board interactions with SOs, ACs and constituencies during the Prague 
> meeting. Several issues were identified during these discussions, pertaining 
> both to scalability factors (due to the number of applications) and 
> qualitative impact (including the diversity of the new gTLDs and the 
> potential overlapping of the constituencies they could belong to).
> At the end of each such session, Steve Crocker invited participants to share 
> a one-pager on this topic to gather preliminary views and help prepare a 
> dedicated session in Toronto. 
> I am writing to you as Chairs of the respective SOs, ACs, Stakeholder Groups 
> or Constituencies to renew this call for input. The Board Structural 
> Improvements Committee (SIC), chaired by Ray Plzak, will discuss the topic 
> during the Board Workshop mid-September and your perspective is eagerly 
> sought after. The contributions can be very synthetic at that stage, for 
> instance merely listing bullet points of identified potential impacts. The 
> objective is to get as complete a picture as possible of the different 
> dimensions of the issue.
> I know the summer period is not the easiest to gather views in you respective 
> groups but I also understand that this has already been discussed before 
> Prague and you probably are in a position to share the concerns already 
> identified, if not the possible solutions. This is only a preliminary stage 
> and further consultations will take place to prepare the Toronto session. 
> Thank you in advance for your contribution, if possible before September 10, 
> and don't hesitate to share this call for input with people I might have 
> inadvertently overlooked or you think might be good contributors from your 
> group.
> Best
> Bertrand
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