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[gnso-irtp-b-jun09] Compliance Ticket System

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  • Subject: [gnso-irtp-b-jun09] Compliance Ticket System
  • From: Marika Konings <marika.konings@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 00:56:21 -0700

Dear All,

Please find below the feedback from Pam Little in relation to the questions 
concerning the Compliance Ticketing system. Let me know if you have any further 




The majority of transfer complaints are submitted through ICANN’s C-Ticket 
system. Most of these are forwarded to the registrar for handling (see further 
details below).  However, ICANN also receives transfer complaints through other 
channels such as emails to icann@xxxxxxxxx or to other general mailboxes or 
emails to ICANN staff (including Compliance staff) or even telephone calls to 
various ICANN’s offices or staff.

Transfer complaints are often not straight forward and in fact could be quite 
complex. As such, compliant handling is “labor intensive” as each compliant has 
to be reviewed and determined by  Compliance staff. (The proposed system 
enhancements were intended for better tracking  and reporting purposes only 
whilst the reviewing of complaints still needs to be done manually.)

Response to reports (complainants)
When a transfer report (complaint) is filed through the C-Ticket System, ICANN 
Compliance staff would manually review the report in order to determine the 
proper response or whether to forward it to the relevant registrar.  It is not 
uncommon for a report to be irrelevant to the transfer process, or found 
unnecessary to forward to the registrar.  Nevertheless, these reports are 
replied to with either tailored or template responses to  address the issues 
raised in the report.  These issues may include general transfer procedure 
inquiries, customer service issues, problems with renewals, issues with 60-day 
locks, transfer fee complaints, domain disputes, purchase inquiries, etc.

Initial inquiry to registrar
If the Compliance staff determines the reported problem warrants further action 
by the registrar, an initial inquiry is sent to the registrar allowing the 
registrar 5 business days to inform ICANN of the steps that have been taken to 
resolve the issue at hand.  After that time period has elapsed, ICANN 
Compliance staff would review the ticket in order to determine whether the 
registrar’s response is valid or a subsequent transfer has been effected. If 
there is no transfer or no valid response the specified time frame, the 
registrar is sent a “compliance notice”.

Compliance notice to registrar
Again, a 5-day period is given to the registrar to respond to the complaint, 
and after 5 days, the ticket is reviewed under the same criteria above.  At 
this point, if there is no evidence that the registrar has  attempted to 
resolve the issue or the transfer has been effected, an escalated compliance 
notice is sent via email and facsimile to the registrar (which may lead to a 
breach notice).

Budget to improve the C-Ticket System)
A budget of $65K has been allocated for FY11 but ICANN IT Staff has a number of 
competing priorities, including improvements to WDPRS.  As such, major 
enhancements to the C-Ticket System have not been implemented.  However, the 
mechanism to prevent duplicate submissions has been implemented, and other 
minor improvements are underway.

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